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How do we ask Babalú Ayé for a favor? Honoring the spirit that heals

Babalú Ayé prayer

Babalú Ayé is one of the most feared, respected and venerated Orishas within the Yoruba pantheon, mainly in syncretic worship with Saint Lazarus, Catholic healing deity.

It is the orisha who in the Yoruba cult represents diseases, such as plague, smallpox, leprosy and venereal diseases.

During the day it hides in nature, among the fruits of the cundeamor plant, and thus protects its sores from the sun.

What does the Orisha Babalú protect us from?

He is very powerful for being a healer and is also related to misery and Death, which is called Iku in the Yoruba pantheon.

Its power can heal skin conditions and diseases that are highly contagious such as venereal diseases and epidemics.

Its name means Father of the world and his children and devotees pray to him for health, so that he will keep plagues and diseases away from his house, since he is Babalú, the heat of the body, like fever, that heat that expels disease, 

He is also asked to please take away the misery and evils that threaten the world.

Offerings for health to the Yoruba deity of disease

To ask Babalú Ayé a favor, we must remember that purple is his color and that this Orisha is celebrated in Santeria on December 17 in syncretism with Saint Lazarus.

The cult in Cuba is extremely important, because fundamentally that day it is entertained and its blessings are requested.

To this divinity, they must be offered when asking for his favor. His favorite foods are:

  • Burnt bread and toasted corn.
  • Different grains.
  • Drinks like dry wine and coconut water.
  • Roasted corn cobs.
  • Fish.
  • Green Coconuts and Onion.
  • White or purple candles

These offerings can be offered to the Orisha on an altar in her honor, or in a place in the home.

Through them we invoke the protection and blessing of the Orisha, in any circumstance and in the face of any evil that may occur both spiritually and physically.

In Yoruba religious ceremonies and cults, animal sacrifices such as bearded goats, guinea fowl, roosters and pigeons are also offered.

2 Prayers of faith that open roads and beg blessings to the Holy Orisha

In the cult of San Lázaro-Babalú Ayé, many promises and sacrifices are made in addition to offerings, since the Orisha values ​​the efforts and courage of those who follow him.

Likewise, purple and white candles are brought to his altar and decorated with flowers such as lilac gladioli and daisies.

We implore Babalú Ayé from faith and the utmost respect, with immense confidence in his powers, to cure the disease, no matter how serious it is, because he is the healer of any ailment.

As long as his devotees do good and fulfill what has been promised, this Orisha will bring good health and open the ways of prosperity and peace.

1. To Babalú Ayé we dedicate this prayer asking for protection

Oh, my father Babalú Ayé! Grant me this favor that I ask of you.

I ask you for protection against all the people who wish me ill, who wish to see me ill, break all these energies, my Father!

Keep me away from people who wish me physical and spiritual ills.

I ask you for the full health of all the organs and tissues of my body, with the perfect functioning of all the cells.

Heal me, Father, of all the ailments that can affect my physical body and my spirit.

Give me peace, health and prosperity, Father!

2. Prayer to the miraculous Saint Lazarus to intercede for us

Through a prayer you can ask him for help and blessings in syncretism with Saint Lazarus and in this way his favor is requested to be able to overcome the situations that arise.

  • In this way we pray to Saint Lazarus asking for good health

Blessed Saint Lazarus, knowing the many miracles that have been wrought through you,

Knowing the goodness that springs from your hands, I come today to ask you, my saint, for your powerful help and mercy.

Blessed Saint Lazarus, grant me your valuable mediation, pray for my wishes before good Jesus,

and asks that I may find relief in my despair: (say with immense faith what you want to achieve).

Saint Lazarus, glorious father, I beg you, do not stop helping me, bless me with health for me and for my family.

Remove the disease from my path and the shadow of the evils from my home, give me your blessings and protection, alleviate my sorrows and problems and remove all evil and enemies from my life.

Through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord. So be it.

Learn about some of the offerings that are given to Babalú Ayé:

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