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Worship of Babalú Ayé in the Rule of Osha ≫ Offerings and Attentions

Babalú Ayé Santeria

Babalu Aye It represents for the santeros a fundamental pillar within the religious powers that are acquired through Osha (Santeria).

This miraculous saint is received mainly for health, being the sacred land to carry out his consecration Matanzas, a Cuban province that was called by the religious as Aará.

This deity is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with Saint Lazarus the missionary, a deity who has countless devotees throughout the length and breadth of the Antillean Island.

This saint is offered cigars, alms and articles of sack mainly.

The relationship of the Dry Wine Cross and Babalú Ayé

Dry wine It is the representative drink of this Orisha, this concoction is one of the healing elements that he uses in order to transmit the gift of healing to his followers.

These are marked with a dry wine cross in each joint of the human body in order to obtain the blessing of the saint who provides them through this liquid of the non-acquisition of contagious diseases and contributes to the cessation of previous ailments suffered by the person who comes to meet him.

The Oil Lamp

Making an oil lamp for Saint Lazarus is one of the oldest ceremonies that exists within the rites belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon.

To make it, a deep container is used, in which a speck of cotton is deposited, which is later bañagive with oil

For this lamp to come to life, a wick of cotton soaked in oil must be taken which will be lit in order to illuminate the altar of this Orisha.

This tribute is considered the true way to bring light to this saint, through this ceremony health and development are implored to Babalu Aye.

Offerings for the Miraculous Orisha

The consumption of grains and beans is attributed to this deity.

Among its essential attributes we find flour, okra, salt, sugar, rice, beans, dry wine, red onions, oil, corn, garlic and coconut.

Among the animals that are sacrificed to him, we can mention the goat, the rooster and the guinea fowl, which can be offered as a sacrifice, especially in his saints.

How is Babalú Ayé cared for?

This saint is venerated in the Yoruba Pantheon as dead and as Orisha. So one of its main addimús (offerings) is the purple candle of preference because this is its representative color.

One of the offerings best received by this deity is the one prepared with bread and dry wine representing seventeen elements, an essential requirement for Saint Lazarus to take it into account.

It is recommended to attend this deity every 17th of the year, as this is his favorable date to perform incantations and pacts under his name.

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