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How do the children of the Orisha Oggún dance to their father on earth?

Oggún dance

Oggún is an Orisha of foundation within the Yoruba Religion, he manifests himself as a man of great physical strength and noble heart.

He was condemned for his own acts to work tirelessly, from his position in the bush he watches over the safety of his children, at the same time that he guards the passage of the fate of humanity on the railroad lines.

All working instruments belong to this deity, mainly those made of iron, as this is his metal par excellence.

Oggún forms with Elegguá, Osun and Oshosi the covenant of holy warriors who accompaniedañana Orunmila and they are the first religious power that is received when starting in the Rule of Ifá-Santería.

How does the Orisha Oggún dance?

At the beat of the Batá drums, Oggún descends to the bembé, he arrives stomping, his gaze searching the battlefield.

The Orisha attends the feast with a warrior spirit, his movements reflect his way of fighting, brandishing a machete in the wind, marking the cadence of his steps.

Other times he dances representing the work he does forging the irons or making his way through the dense forest.  

In the first case, Oggún dances making sudden movements always brandishing the machete, at times he stops and sees the horizon, walks stealthily and returns to the symbolic combat.

When he represents the work, he brandishes the hammer striking the anvil, offering the public an imaginary sample of his creation.

When the Orisha who owns the iron comes down to earth, the santero must offer him tobacco and brandy as thanks to the deity for having visited his home.

What are Oggún's children like?

The sons of Oggún They are the santeros for whom the saint frequently descends, although this fact does not exclude that the deity can mount the children who have other Orishas crowned as a saint.

His descendants are violent and impulsive men who do not easily forgive offenses or allow disrespect to be overlooked.

They are fighting people who are not afraid of hard work, they are generally rough and stubborn, a son of Oggún will always persevere until he achieves his goals.

When they get upset they are unpredictable and difficult to contain, among their virtues friendship stands out because they are very faithful to their friends and will always be willing to sacrifice for them.

When a son of Oggún goes to dance to his father Whether man or woman, he must imitate the movements that the deity generally performs when he dances, his most popular step is dancing while brandishing the machete, hence these are the most popular gestures among his devotees.

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