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Work with Obatalá and "Bálsamo Tranquilo" to reassure a person

Calm balm to calm a person

It is often difficult for us to reassure the character of some people, this work is for those "grouchy" who make life unbearable and exhausting. This ritual is not to do evil, but to appease situations and the character of those who take away our well-being.

They can be people from our family, friends or coworkers, even the boss, in this way we ensure that everything in the environment flows in a positive way.

Of course, let us always analyze whether the conflict is caused by others or by ourselves, we must reflect on our attitudes and behaviors, Obatala it will not be able to change anything that we ourselves do not decide to change. It is important to keep this in mind.

At the foot of Baba Obbatalá, the owner of the mind, peace and tranquility, he is the one we will invoke to bring us to our home or job that calm that we need and thus be able to live in harmony.

Calm balm to calm a person

Calm balm to soothe
Drops Tranquil Balm

El Tranquil Balm It is used to tame and appease the spirit of people who have an aggressive or restless character, or who are going through stressful times and negatively influence the lives of others.

To help in reconciliation, and prevent the situation from becoming more tense with arguments and misunderstandings, this sacred essence serves.

It also helps to calm jealousy, to reassure rebellious children, co-workers who have a negative aura, and bosses who have a taxing nature.

It is a very simple work, with faith and will you will achieve what you are looking for when performing this ritual. You do not necessarily have to have received Obbatalá, you can implore and our wise father will listen to you.

Ingredients you need:

  • Trace paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 cup
  • Palo tames handsome
  • Tranquil Balm
  • Honey bee
  • Cotton
  • 2 white candles and if you have not received the Orisha 1 candle.

How to prepare the work in the name of the wise father Obatala?

  1. You take the tracing paper and with the graphite pencil you write the name of the person you want to reassure, you put it inside the glass with the name facing up.
  2. Now you take the stick of amansaguapo and you grate it, and you put that zest inside.
  3. On top you pour 24 drops of calm balm, keep in mind that they fall on top of the written paper.
  4. Now you will pour honey to cover the paper, this element is very powerful, its owner is Oshun and is able to sweeten and tame the unruly, then cover the glass with cotton.
  5. You light the candles to Obbatalá. In case you do not have it, you will light the candle and put the work in a quiet and clean place. To make the order firm, you can put the candle on the floor, but to place the cup, put a mat or white cloth as a symbol of respect for the Orisha.
  6. You ask Obbatalá for your blessing and tell him:

Obbatalá you who are the owner of our heads,

the owner of peace,

I need intercede for me

So that I can get the peace of mind that I need

With (you say that person's name)

So that you calm him down like the calm balm

and his character becomes sweet as honey,

What lovers his temperament

I trust you

Blessed are you Baba Obatala

You will repeat this 8 times with strength, faith, and always giving thanks for the blessings received.

At the end of your rogatory and when the candles are consumed, you will put the glass where no one will see it and on high. It can be on top of a piece of furniture, but let it be above your head and make sure this place is clean. Obatalá is a deity that demands a lot of neatness and cleanliness, the offerings dedicated to him must therefore be respecting these norms.

If after 24 days you do not see that the situation changes, I advise you to clean your house first to eliminate negative energies and do the work again.

I sincerely hope that everything in your life takes a good path, that there is well-being, balance and a lot of peace, so that this tranquility will give you health and many beautiful things.  

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