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Spiritual and relaxing bath with Lavender: to attract abundance

Lavender bath

Lavender is a plant of great spirituality, whose powerful and pleasant aroma has been used for centuries to relax the atmosphere, in incense, scented candles and incense.

The properties of lavender have therapeutic effects on a psychological level, even in treating disorders and diseases, as well as eliminating accumulated stress.

The power of Lavender can be used to calm and relax people present in a physical space. Even its aroma discharges bad vibes and brings peace, eliminating disturbances from our spirit.

It is said that lavender also acts as a powerful amulet to attract abundance and prosperity into our lives, as its aroma enhances concentration on future plans and endeavors.

A homemade bath with salts and lavender to relax and prosperity

A relaxing and spiritual bath with lavender It will allow us to reduce tensions, stress and promote sleep.

  • That is why it is ideal to do it before going to sleep and we can do it once a week if we want. Or as often as we need it.

Lavender with its virtues will help us:

  • Calm nerves and anxieties
  • Harmonize the mind,
  • balance our emotions and
  • eliminate bad thoughts.

It also has antiseptic, healing and soothing action on the skin and is applied in baths to treat rheumatic pain, infections or wounds.

  • But especially with this lavender bath we will call abundance into our life.

The good vibes that we will attract with this ritual will allow prosperity to come to us more easily.

For a ritual bath with lavender we need:

  • Dried lavender
  • Sea salt
  • A cloth bag
  1. First, in a fine cloth bag, we mix the dried lavender with a pinch of sea salt and let it rest until it is time for our bath.
  2. We can make the bag ourselves at home, if it is light in color, much better.
  3. Then we fill the bathtub with warm water or a bucket with water, and we introduce the bag that we just made.
  4. We must let it take effect and the essences of the elements are released for a few minutes before taking the ritual bath.
  5. It is important bañaPour us with hot water so that the content of the bag dissolves like tea in our water.  

To make the ritual more powerful we can also light some scented candles with this same aroma, to enhance calm and tranquility, and think positively about our future plans and our projects.

In the spiritual baths lavender will help us meditate and find the best way to carry them out so that abundance and prosperity come into our lives, accompanied byañadays of new and better opportunities.

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