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Bath with Olokun for financial stability

Work with Olokun for the money

Today we will work with Olokun, Orisha of natural power that exists in the oceans, and represents the riches of the seabed.

To achieve economic stability there are many works, baths and rituals, I prefer to say the words: abundance, prosperity and development and not "money."

The Orishas are asked to open our paths and allow us to advance and achieve well-being, money will be a consequence of those acts, an energy that flows and reaches us in the form of blessing.

This is a simple dip to get your groove on when it comes to economics with the mighty Olokún.

Yes it is Aleo. (uninitiated in religion) can also do this bath on behalf of the Orisha.

Items you need:

  • Container
  • Tap water
  • 2 Candles
  • molasses of caña

How to perform the bath with Olokun?

  1. He will light his 2 candles in front of Olokún
  2. He will take his container, pour water into it, and then pour in a bit of molasses.aña.
  3. In front of Olokún, she will put the container with the prepared water and will have it for a few minutes in front of her.
  4. It will give you knowledge of the bath you are going to perform, I always insist on the importance of speaking with the Orisha to whom the work is dedicated, remember to be concise in your request.
  5. The candles will leave them lit until they wear out.
  6. This bath will be given from the shoulders down after the bath with plain water.
  7. When finished, do not rinse, if your body is sticky you can spend a few hours with that bath and then remove it, but I recommend leaving it.

«Receiving, means sacrifice» says an old spiritist, sometimes it can be uncomfortable but it is necessary.

Recommendations for the bathroom:

  • This bath can be given once a week until you see results.
  • It is preferable to take a bath before sleeping, avoid going outside so that you do not collect negative energies.
  • Wear white clothes to sleep on on bath days.

Never forget that the perfect formula of spiritual works carries a lot of faith, love and humility, be consistent with your request, speak with the Orisha from the heart and with sincerity.

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