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A Spiritual Bath with Rosemary to clear Bad Energies

Bañasleep with rosemary water

The rosemary it possesses great esoteric and spiritual properties. This plant accumulates cleansing and purifying powers, and is capable of neutralizing bad energies.

The bad vibes caused by negative emotions or situations, we can remove them using rosemary.

This plant and its interesting protective properties are widely used in rituals of love and desire.

In addition, its protective powers are very popular, for example:

  • There are those who place a sprig of rosemary in the window to attract luck in love.
  • Many put a twig under the pillow, which will take care of those who carry it while they sleep.

Purifying bath: Rosemary water to open the good paths and cleanse us of the bad

Rosemary is a purifying plant, and its burning like incense, it also clears negative energies. It is used especially for the protection of the home and to attract good luck.

But we can also use rosemary in purifying baths.

How will this ritual bath help us?

A rosemary bath will be perfect for our well-being. This plant in the water with which we wash, will provide us with benefits such as:

  • Get a feeling of well-being
  • It will take away all the bad vibes that we have accumulated.
  • Revitalize our body, especially if we return from places that carry a bad vibe or from meeting people who display negative feelings around us.

To make a spiritual bath with rosemary we need:

  • Hot water
  • Sea salt
  • Sprig of rosemary

How do we prepare the water for the bath? In the tub or in a bucket

  1. First we fill the bathtub with hot water and pour in the cup of sea salt.
  2. Later we tie a sprig of rosemary with a cord or white ribbon, and we pass it throughout the body so that it absorbs negative energies and turns them into positive ones.
  3. We can also put the sprig of rosemary in hot water and let it rest for a few minutes.
  4. Then we step into the bathtub and let the water wash away any trace of negativity, concentrating on all the positives we have in life.

When we finished, we put the rosemary in a bag and threw it in the trash, as it absorbed all the bad energy that we had with us.

  1. if we bañaWhen we are in the shower, we must add the water and the rosemary branch to a bucket with hot water and sea salt.
  2. When we finish showering, we must pour all the water from the bucket on our head and let it dry naturally.

It is important to put a lot of spirituality, love and positive energy, the benefits of this plant will help us to open good paths and cleanse ourselves of all evil.

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