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Ebbó Misi «Bath» on behalf of Yewá for evolution and putting away the bad

Bath with Yewá

This ebbó misi It will be in the name of the mighty Yewá, Orisha owner of the graves, who lives inside the coffins of the Egguns and dead.

This powerful Orisha is associated with the rivers, provides children to couples making women fertile, symbolizes loneliness, balances feelings, represents the chaste, the virgin, the pure and is the sister of Oyá and Obba, together they are warriors and killers.

For those who do not know Yewá, in Santeria it is syncretized with various saints such as Our Lady of the Forsaken Patron of Valencia, the Virgin of Montserrate and also with Santa Clara de Asís, her greeting in the Yoruba religion is Maferefún Yewá!

How will this Ritual Bath help us on behalf of the Warrior Yewá?

This bathroom is intended to provide you with advancement, prosperity and ward off bad. You must do it with a lot of spirituality, put faith and love in it.

Ask for everything that distresses you to go away, ask for health, love, abundance, and open roads, pray for the good to come and the bad to leave your destination.

  • Remember always that faith is very important to safely achieve our desires.
  • Even without receiving Yewá, you can take this bath in his name and he will surely listen to you.


Everlasting plant
"Always alive" plant
  • 2 white candles
  • 1 container with river, rain or serene water
  • 16 leaves of the immortelle or prodigious plant
  • 1 egg white
  • Cascarilla
  • A splash of perfume (if it is for personal use much better)
  • 5 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

What to keep in mind before the ritual:

For greater efficiency, the waters should be river, rain or serene water, but if it is river much better. If you want to prepare the serene water I recommend you read this article "Click Here"

Remember that herbs must be well shredded (made into pieces) and squeezed to extract their essence. When you are squeezing them always keep your mind positive and asking for what you want.

In this ritual we will do 3 baths for 3 days. If you want, you can prepare all the water in one day and distribute a little for each ritual, or every day before bathing you do the same procedure.

How will we do this miraculous bath to open paths with Yewá?

  1. First you will light the 2 candles at the foot of Yewá, if not put them on the ground to make it firm.
  2. You ask Yewa for your blessing, you tell him your name and you give thanks for everything.
  3. Now in the container with water you will add the 16 leaves of always alive and you will begin to squeeze them.
  4. After you have extracted the juice, it is your option to strain that mixture or not.
  5. Then mix all the ingredients starting with the egg white to clarify your path, then cascarilla, a splash of your perfume or cologne, 5 large tablespoons of honey and a small teaspoon of cinnamon to attract the good.
  6. With both hands you will mix everything and you will leave that container in front of Yewá or in front of the candles, always being present, that is, it is not to light them and leave.

After a while you remove the container, and the candles should remain lit for the duration of your bath.

After showering as every day you proceed to pour that water on yourself, always from the shoulders down, scrubbing your body, you will let that water dry on its own and then you must dress in white.

The faith that you put in is an important ingredient, be concise with your request, consistent and do not ask for the impossible, let yourself be guided and trust, that everything comes, but we must be patient and do well.

May the blessing of Yewá accompany you and free you from all evil.

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