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Coconut water bath for luck

Coconut water bath for luck

Spiritual bath to attract luck and good energy.

Coconut water bath

The bath with coconut water for luck and development clears the mind and the path, it should be done for eight days in a row and it is necessary to do it before going to bed, if you can start doing it on a better Friday, never on a Wednesday.

The ingredients and utensils you will need for this bath will be:

  • Coconut water.
  • A coconut soap.
  • White towel.
  • White headscarf.

To consider:

  • Work to be done for 8 days in a row.
  • When splitting the coconut you should check if the coconut is healthy, the water should be clear and smell good.
  • The Work must be done before going to bed.
  • Remember: when breaking the coconut, do not throw it on the floor because it is an offense to Obi "the coconut" and Eleggua.


  1. Before bathing, put the coconut water in a transparent container or a small basin.
  2. By lighting a preferably white candle, you will ask your Guardian Angel and your protective spirits to bless that bath, preventing bad vibes from reaching you and opening the way for you.
  3. After showering as you usually do, but this time with your coconut soap, rinse your body and pour the coconut water from your shoulders down, do not rinse again and leave that water on top.
  4. Once this is done, you can dry yourself with a towel, in these spiritual baths I recommend drying yourself with a white towel.
  5. Afterwards, dress in white and also place a white scarf on your head to sleep, in this way you will be able to attract a lot of positive energy and a great cleanliness in your paths.

What is it for?añadrink coconut water?

The coconut is a fruit with healing and healing properties, but it also has great spiritual significance. It is used as a powerful channel to remove bad energies and negative influences from our life.

Coconut water has essential nutrients, it is rich in minerals, medicinal and very good. Using it in the bathrooms asking for the permission of our protective spirits gives us balance and stability in our mind.

With the spiritual baths we connect body and mind with our ancestors and protective guides, finding relief from our sadness and attracting good vibes, while establishing a special connection with nature and its magical natural products.

I sincerely hope that this work works for you, I leave you other powerful works here:

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