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Spiritual bath of white flowers and cascarilla to eliminate bad energies

white flower bath and cascarilla

Everything white is pure and attracts spirituality, if we talk about white flowers much better, because it is nature, energy and purity.

Bathrooms with white flowers are very powerful, and attached to the cascarilla, they repel vibes and open doors to the positive and the spiritual, that light that we all need.

These flowers transmit us tranquility and relaxation, calm anxiety, and through a bath we can eliminate from our body and our mind everything that affects us daily.

Effective spiritual baths with white flowers:

We will take this bath in the name of our protective spirits to achieve calmness and the entry of positive vibes into our lives by removing the negative ones that disturb us.


  • Serene water
  • White flowers
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Cascarilla
  • Cocoa butter
  • 1 Candle

If you want to know how to prepare serene water, I recommend reading the following post: The power of calm water Click here

How to prepare the spiritual bath?

  1. First you will take the container where you serene the water, you will begin gently with great faith to remove the petals of the flowers, and as you remove the leaves you will have to ask and mentalize what you want to achieve with these baths.
  2. When finished, stir gently, with your hand always from right to left.
  3. Now add the cinnamon stick, the cascarilla and the cocoa butter and you will also stir in the same way.
  4. If you have a spiritual vault in front of it, you will light the candle and place the container, if you don't have it then put a transparent glass of water with water, the candle and the container.
  5. You will ask for the blessing and permission of your protective spirits and converse with them.
  6. You will leave the prepared water for a while in front of the spiritual vault with the candle lit.
  7. After a while you can extinguish the candle, remember never to blow, but to extinguish with your fingertips.
  8. While you take the bath, ask with faith and firmness and always from the heart.

Recommendations for the bathroom:

  • You should take this bath preferably at night and light the candle again when showering, then when you go out you turn it off again.
  • First you take the common bath, then the white flower bath, always from the shoulders down, you just run your hand with that water on your face.
  • Use a white towel and do not dry off, let it dry on the body.
  • After you have gotten out of the bathroom, remember to throw the remains that are left in the shower outside the house.
  • You will give these baths 3 days in a row at the same time and lighting the candle for the duration of the bath.
  • On the third day, if there is still a candle, you should put it behind the door until it burns out (at the end of your third bath). 

Remember to do this ritual asking for protection and help from your protective spirit, ask for a lot of health, development and love for your life.

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