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"Pathfinder" spiritual cleansing bath It will change your energy!

Road opener cleaning bath

A few days ago I was rummaging through papers and I found some prayers that my grandmother had and I saved at the time.

After reading them I realized that they were not only prayers but also had a spiritual ritual bath.

I put it to the test and its result for me was excellent and today I share it with you with great humility and the permission of my guardian angel and yours of course.

When you read this prayer and do the “road-opener” ritual cleansing bath, you will realize that spiritual baths are necessary and very effective.

Some people believe that a spiritual bath does not solve situations and they are wrong.

How do spiritual baths help us in our lives?

white flower bath and cascarilla

The spiritual baths They have a very significant religious value since ancient times and in all cultures.

They constitute cleansing acts that God makes us reach through plants, essences, incenses, candles and the powerful water, the sacred liquid.

Spiritual baths help us purify negative energies and obtain renewable positive energies, to achieve our goal depending on what we use and with the faith that we do it.

Because for each spiritual bath there are innumerable herbs, flowers and essences that offer us health, harmony, prosperity, peace, employment, love, open paths and much more, and if we know how to use their powers they will give us magnificent results.

I hope that the blessing of your spiritual guides, the blessing of the Saints and the blessing of God will also bring you, like me, many good things and above all health, if you carry out this spiritual work.

Let's prepare the bathroom to unlock and open paths:

Prayer to God for Cleaning Bath

My brother: The Peace of God be with you.

  • If you want to have grace and sympathy in love and in business;
  • if you want to be attractive and seductive;
  • If you want to be healthy in body and mind and ward off the bad shadow that follows you:

DTie a clear water bath with rose leaves and cinnamon sticks every Sunday at noon.

you can also bañaServe with cooking aromatic herbs, arranging the water at the temperature you like, cool, warm, cold, hot, etc.

You can choose one or more of these herbs:

  • Rosemary,
  • jasmine leaves,
  • verbena,
  • marjoram,
  • geranium,
  • basil,
  • incense or the like.

After bathing, you perfume your hair with scented oil, spread rice powder and cinnamon on the body box, making a spiritual prayer. 

Prayer to God for the spiritual ritual:


To be of infinite goodness and mercy! give shine to my Star, light my way and separate me from all the pitfalls of life.

Lead me along the path of good luck, separate me from all damage or curse and keep away the bad shadow that follows me.

God of the Heights, Lord Almighty, protect my house and my person defend me; defend me from the artimañas of the world and attract me the good spiritual influences.

Oh Divine Providence! Give me patience and resignation to bear the pains of life and teach me to suffer and to wait with perseverance for the goods that destiny has in store for me.

My God, give me courage and strength to fight for existence. Erase fear and fears from my mind and prepare for me a happy future, full of good omens.

O Most High and luminous Being! Give me encouragement for work, purify my soul, heal my body and remove from my mind all ideas of greed, jealousy and earthly envy.

Our father. Amen 

Other very effective and powerful "spiritual baths":

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