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What is the Mewa Bath? Sacred ceremony that saves from Death

Mewa Bath

Mewa's bath is an Ebbo that can be given both by Osha and by Ifá.

The name of this bath "Mewa" comes from the sign from which it originates and that Odu (sign) is Ofun the number ten (Mewa).

When is the Mewa bath done?

This Ebbó is only done when in the saint ceremony the person is marking through any Orisha the sign Ofun (10) or Ofun Tonti Ofun (10-10), the Osogbo (evil) of death, disease and loss.

  • This bath is also marked so that the person does not go through a long and painful illness.

You must be wondering if this Ebbó is necessary?

In the Yoruba religion, everything must be asked of the Orishas, ​​to consult their advice and mandate, and this must be the case in this bathroom in order not to make mistakes, since there is talk of misfortunes and diseases.

We must always bear in mind that the course of death does not deviate until God Oloddumare decides and consents, unfortunate outcomes can always ensue.

Who are authorized to perform the Mewa Bath ceremony?

The Mewa bath must be done by 10 responsible Olorishas always in the company of an Oriaté or Babalawo and all who participate must have received this bath.

  • It is important consider that none of its participants should be sick, remember that Ofun speaks of near death and illness.

What does this sacred bath wear?

This ritual is done in a single day, and to carry it out, goat's milk is used and cascarilla, among other powerful components with great spiritual power.

Does this Mewa bathroom have another variant?

In Ifá this bath is used in any sign that derives from Ofun that brings evils (Osogbos) of death and disease, as long as orunmila say it can be done.

Is there another bathroom in the Ofun sign?

It does exist and it is Ofun's bath but not all are the same, the sacrificial animals can change between other components. The Ofun Meyi bath is also performed, also given by Olorishas.

If this sign of Ofún appears in Iré, 10 baths are also given to that person, but the way to do it is simpler. But these baths have nothing to do with the ebbó of the mewa bath.

What we must bear in mind:

  • To perform this bath, you must have a lot of responsibility and knowledge. It can be done by a Babalawo, an Oriaté and Olorishas.
  • You must be very judicious because if that bathroom is marked by a Babalawo, he is the one who should do it, if it is marked by an Oriaté it will be the same.
  • Each one with what corresponds to him, is a matter of ethics, honesty and a lot of responsibility when making this Ebbó.

As religious and seniors, let us respect everyone's life for our own well-being and that of those people who are in our hands with the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare.

Let us always remember to act truthfully, with justice and honesty.

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