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Bath with Star Anise, Cinnamon and Honey ≫ Ritual with Oshún for love

Honey and cinnamon bath for love

Cinnamon, Honey and Star Anise are representative elements of the Orisha Oshun, the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

3 Powerful Ritual Elements:

The African Venus He works with these ingredients in his rituals, through these he sends the iré and luck to his children, which is why they are considered as objects of great power.

Honey for a sweet love

Honey for love

Honey from bees It is considered the golden nectar of the Osha, with this viscous liquid Oshún has tamed the most fearsome storms and beasts.

This sweet delicacy is considered effective in attracting love because it is made up of pollen that bees suck from flowers, natural elements that represent purity, beauty and delicacy, the same ingredients that are spiritually united to form love.

Star anise and its power

Star anise

The Star Anise, As its name implies, it simulates a star formed from five to eight points, this ingredient represents the balance and serenity that is needed to start a relationship.

The star symbolizes stability, a benefit that is expected to be found in love.

Metaphorically we could think of the anise star as a symbol of light, the same light that lights the lives of people who love each other.

Cinnamon to attract love

Cinnamon for love

The cinnamon It is the star ingredient in any aspect of life, its aroma places it as an exclusively striking piece, because once cinnamon reaches any place there is no possible way to ignore its aroma.

This element behaves as the common thread of the ritual that concerns us today because, although love shines with its own light and possesses the purity and beauty of flowers, it does not mean anything without a touch of flavor and exclusivity.

Ingredients needed to make the ritual bath:

  • A pinch of ground cinnamon.
  • Five tablespoons of honey.
  • Five Anise stars.
  • A bit of the water from the Oshún Soup.

Preparation of the Oshún bath for love:

  1. You take a bucket with water, this is añalittle by little:
  • a pinch of ground cinnamon,
  • five tablespoons of honey and
  • five stars of Anise.
  1. These ingredients are mixed well until they are dissolved in the water, later they are añaof a little of the water from Oshun's tureen.

This bath is carried out respecting the head of the religious, a place where the preparation should not be used out of consideration for the Guardian Angel of the person, the face can be washed with the ritual rinsing.

The preparation is applied from the neck down, allowed to dry for a few minutes on the skin before drying with a towel.

It is recommended to the religious to wear light clothes after having taken this bath as a method of astral purification.

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