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How to make an Ebbó Misi or overtaking baths with Obatalá?

Obatalá Bath

Spiritual baths in Yoruba are also known as Ebbó Misi. The main objective of this astral cleansing is to energetically activate the body (Ara) and the spirit, and thus purify those negative energies that disturb us.

These rituals or baths are all very powerful, and those that are performed with milk are magnificent on an energetic level and also good for the skin.

If you do those baths in the name of Obbatalá, they will do you very well, since Osha's African father gives us tranquility and calm.

Obbatalá is the Orisha in the Yoruba Pantheon owner of peace, of our thoughts, of our dreams, of all whiteness and is very righteous, as a father will always take care of you.

Ingredients for the Ebbó:

  • Container
  • 2 Candles
  • Whole milk
  • Cascarilla (learn how to do it at home by clicking here)
  • Cocoa butter
  • Honey
  • Holy Water
  • White elderberry plant (Sambucus nigra) We will use only the leaves and flowers
  • Brown wrapping paper (cartridge or kraft paper)
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 4 cents

If you want to learn to prepare the serene water, that is, the water exposed to the serene during the night, you can read by clicking here.

How do we make this powerful Obatala Bath?

  1. To start this Obatalá Bath, take the container and pour common water, then 4 cups or glasses of milk. If you don't have that amount of milk, add less water and less milk.
  2. To that container you add cascarilla, cocoa butter, honey and a trickle of holy water that can be rain, serene or from the spiritual vault.
  3. You put the container at the feet of Obatala, in case you have not received it, you put it on the floor invoking him.
  4. On a white plate you place the elderberry, the brown paper and 2 slices of bread spread with cocoa butter and cascarilla.
  5. You light the two candles, ask Babá for your blessing and give him the knowledge that you will take a bath for health, prosperity and development.

Tips for performing this “ebbó” bath with Baba Obatalá

I recommend that you do this cleaning before going to bed and always with the candle lit.

These baths should be done 4 times, once a week each and the best day will be Thursdays.

  • To do the ritual, first you shower as usual, then you pour over the already prepared water and with the elderberry plant you always rub your body from the neck down, cleaning yourself and asking.
  • Then without drying off you leave that water on your body.
  • When you leave, you pick up the remains of the Elderberry and put them on the brown paper.
  • Already clean and preferably dressed in white, you put what you collected in the bathroom on the plate and also inside that paper the two slices of bread and close it.
  • You leave it at the foot of Obatalá and the next morning you clean yourself in front of Baba with that package from head to toe and go to a bush, mount or hill and leave your work with the right of 4 cents.

Put faith and love in these rituals and you will see how development, luck, health and abundance come to you. Blessings.

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