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Oshún bath to attract love and prosperity

Oshún bath to attract love

A bath in the name of Oshún, in addition to attracting love, removes from our environment all kinds of backwardness or unfavorable situations that hinder our path.

Sweet herbal baths have great religious significance and power, allow good vibes to flow and comfort us, giving well-being and balance to our lives.

If we do these spiritual works from the heart and in the name of the beautiful Oshun, who is the goddess of love, and who represents fortune, abundance and fertility, she will intercede on our behalf.

The plants that we will use in this work are destined to attract the positive and give our life a twist full of sweetness, good energy and development.

Oshún sweet baths:

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Buttercup Flower

The buttercup plant belongs to our Orisha Oshún, an ancient plant used for rituals, whose flower transmits its energy to us, since the properties it gives off help us to flow and allow us to lead our vibration to what we want to achieve.

Ingredients you need:

  • Buttercup flowers
  • Verbena plant
  • White flowers
  • Honey bee
  • Serene water 5 liters
  • 1 candle

If you want to know how to prepare serene water, this post can help you.

How to prepare the bath?

  1. You should start by boiling the buttercup flowers and verbena, let it cool, and then you should strain it.
  2. The water from the flowers will pour it into the serene water, add the petals of the white flowers, and a little honey, remember that sweetness attracts, but also cloying, do not put too much.
  3. While preparing the water, he will ask Oshún what he wants and he will say:

Oshún I entrust myself to you ...
Thank you for your blessing, today I come to you so that with this bath and your intervention prosperity, development and love reach me.
Thank you for giving me what I want. 

  1. He will light his candle and at the end of the bath he will extinguish it.
  2. This bath will repeat it for 5 days and if you can start on a Saturday much better.

Keep in mind that many times we do not know what type of baths will not do good, if you believe that your current situation is loaded with negative situations and you need to get rid of dark energies, I recommend that before this "sweet bath" you take a bath of bitter herbs such as Rue and Rosemary.

To take into account when doing the baths:

  • Remember that baths are done from the shoulders down and always asking with great faith.
  • I recommend doing them at a time when you have time to let the water dry on your body.
  • If you do it at night, wear white clothes after bathing so it will attract peace and tranquility.
  • Do not forget to clean the remains that are in the shower and throw them in the trash.


  • If you have Santo done remember to ask Oshún for permission and ask if the plants used in this ritual are prohibitive for you.
  • In addition, the container with prepared water should be placed in front of Oshún for a few minutes before bathing, thus giving knowledge to the Orisha.

This mighty bath sweet of Oshun it will not only help you attract el love, but it will serve you to achieve abundance and everything you ask from our heart to our loving and kind Iyalorde.

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