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5 Oshún Baths for money and financial prosperity to arrive

Oshun bath for money

Flowers have their own vibes and these are positive and comforting. This beautiful ritual is for abundance to reign in your life. We will use yellow roses, which are related to prosperity and growth.

In Yoruba religion yellow is a powerful color, it is represented by that magnificent vital energy that is Olorun (the Sun) and also to the Orisha Oshun, the owner of owó (money) and wealth in its entirety, symbolizes the fertility and prosperity of everything that is reborn and grows.

Both deities bring into our lives positive energies full of development.

Oshún Baths for Prosperity

This ritual in the name of the Goddess of love and the river, It has an ingredient that is not only fundamental, but essential, and that is faith. Everything in our religion that does not carry faith will be in vain.

Therefore, choose a moment of tranquility and peace to do this work, feel calm and ready to talk with the beautiful Oshún and you will see how you get wonderful results.


  • 5 yellow roses
  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Polvo de Palo "paramí" (in religion it is well known by this name)
  • Honey bee
  • 5 different perfume essences
  • 2 candles at the foot of Oshún and if you do not have it received 1 candle

How to prepare the Oshún baths to attract luck and money?

  1. Take the petals of the 5 yellow roses and put them in a container with water, along with the basil.
  2. I recommend 5 liters of water more or less so that you have enough for the 5 days of bathing.
  3. Put them to boil and when it breaks the boil you turn it off and let it cool.
  4. Then, into the prepared water, squeeze the petals and the basil well so that its essence is released, then you can strain it.
  5. You add cinnamon, “paramí” powder, honey and 5 different perfume essences that are yours (for personal use) to that water. If you only have one, you can spray it five times or 5 drops, and your bath is ready.
  6. You light the candle to Oshún, you put that bath in front of him and ask for his blessing, giving him the knowledge that you will do this ritual for 5 days for your development.
  7. As long as you bañaIf the candle must stay lit, don't forget that the main ingredient is faith. Always consistently ask for many good things and above all health. 
  8. First you take your common bath and then the prepared water is poured from the neck down, always mentalizing what you want and asking Oshún.
  9. Go out and don't dry yourself off, let that water dry on your body.
  10. Try to make your clothes white and the bathroom to be at night.
  11. After getting out of the bath, you turn off the candle, which you will light during the 5 days at bath time. 

I heartily wish that this ritual in the name of Oshún give you everything you want, but above all health and love, with them we can achieve the prosperity and financial luck we need.

I recommend the following prayer to Oshún to invoke her: Prayer to Oshún to ask for his protection CLICK HERE

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