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How to prepare a cleansing bath with Oshún to loosen the evil?

Oshún bath with lemon

Oshun, the Goddess who governs the waters, the sweetness of rivers, streams and springs. The beautiful Orisha symbolizes love of life, fertility and a fertile womb, beautiful feelings and sensuality, femininity, sweetness and delicacy. This deity is always adorned with flowers and with many gold jewels because she loves it.

It is Oshún who protects pregnant women and women in labor, she is the smallest and most spoiled of all the Orishas, ​​a faithful and inseparable friend of Eleggua the owner of the ways of the world.

Cleaning in the name of Oshún to ward off negative energies

Oshún Bath

The ebbo misi (baths) in the name of Oshún They are very effective and also give you harmony and spiritual tranquility, they influence opening ways for sweetness to enter your life eliminating negative energies. When the waters run in the name of the goddess of love, everything is renewed.

All the herbs that you will use in this effective bath are capable of releasing negative vibes from your astral that are the ones that do not allow you to move forward.

Ingredients you need for this powerful bath:

  • 2 yellow candles
  • Lemon
  • Good grass or green bay leaves
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Honey bee
  • Cascarilla
  • Personal perfume

How to prepare the water to give us this bath in the name of Oshún?

  1. First you wash the herbs that you will use well, you also wash the lemon and remove its peel.
  2. You put water to boil, when it boils you add that shell and you will leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. You turn off the water and when it is lukewarm, add the good herb or bay leaves, and also the basil and rosemary.
  4. Then you pour honey on top cascarilla and your perfume for personal use.
  5. You light the candles dedicated to the Orisha and put the bathroom container in front of Iyá Oshún, if you have not received it, you can place it in a quiet and clean place.

Remember, you ask Mother Oshún for your blessing and you give her knowledge of the bathroom and what you need, be precise with your request.

You should always ask him with love, faith, will and sweetness. After talking with her and even with the candles lit, you will take a bath.

Recommendations for the ritual:

  • Do the shoulder-down bath after taking your daily shower each day.
  • Do not dry yourself, stay with that water impregnated in your body.
  • I recommend wearing light colored or white clothing after the ritual.
  • These baths will be given for three consecutive days.
  • Every day light the candles during the bath.

I hope that the beautiful Goddess Oshún offers you a path full of health, sweetness, love and bonanza. Blessings.

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