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Spiritual bath with rice and flowers to attract good energies

Spiritual bath with rice water

Rice is used in all kinds of rituals, its water is powerful, spiritual, use it to take a bath and cleanse the evil energies that surround you.

Rice water for luck

Rice is a food of abundance, it is a magical plant and does double duty, attracts good fortune and serves as protection by repelling bad energies.

It is used in many works, rituals and spiritual ceremonies, it is a symbol of good luck and good omen, the water that this element gives off when it is washed or cooked provides powerful results.

That water that we usually throw away when washing rice can be used in bathrooms, it is also very good for the skin because it is rich in nutrients that will help us activate our light.

Rice water bath:

Do this work with great faith, these bathrooms clean, nourish and activate energies, attracting luck, good and warding off bad. This ritual will be on behalf of your Guardian Angel.


  • 2 liters of water
  • About half a cup of rice
  • Orange, lemon, or grapefruit rind (choose one or more)
  • Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon
  • A little bit of honey to your liking
  • White, yellow or pink flowers
  • 1 white candle

How do I prepare the spiritual bath?

  1. You can use the water obtained from the washed rice, or the water boiled with the elements.

If you want that water to be more dense and to be used for more baths, you must bring water to boil and when it is already boiling add the rice, cinnamon and the rind or rinds you chose, either orange, lemon or grapefruit (also called grapefruit).

If you do not want to boil the water, follow the same procedure, but leave the water prepared for a few minutes so that the elements release their essence.

Citrus fruits also attract good luck, and their peels have such a high frequency that they give us joys and energies of happiness.

  1. Let the water boil for a few minutes, let it cool and strain it.
  2. Ready rice water you can add honey, which is synonymous with prosperity and the petals of the flowers you have chosen.
  3. In your hands you will put a few drops of honey and you will smear the candle.
  4. Light the candle when you go to take your sweet bath on behalf of your Guardian angel, say this sentence:
  1. You will give that bath from the shoulders down and you will let it dry on your body.
  2. I recommend you give it to yourself for 3 consecutive days and always in the mañana.

Always remember to thank and give yourself that bath with great confidence and faith that your paths will open, while the rice water runs through your body, ask from the heart what you want and connect with your spiritual side, pray to your Guardian Angel for protection and health.

Do not forget, clean the shower when you finish the bath, you can throw the remaining items in the trash.

To keep in mind in the spiritual bath with rice water:

We must bear in mind that many of the spiritual baths that are carried out are advisable to leave them in the body, so that the prepared waters that are used activate our energies.

It is recommended in the mañaand in a quiet moment when you can stay with this essence in your body, if I gave it to you at night it would be a little uncomfortable when you sleep, because the essences that give off the waters prepared with other natural elements can sometimes be sticky.  

I hope that this spiritual bath with rice water will bring you much development and prosperity, and above all health, because in this life without health we are nothing.

A healthy mind, heart and body are the basis to achieve what we want, if you are in good health, be grateful every day for that blessing.

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