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Spiritual bath with the Virgin of Regla for personal and spiritual evolution

Virgin of Regla spiritual bath

The spiritual baths They are very beneficial on an energetic level, giving us positive vibes and keeping away negative energies that can disturb our lives.

By releasing positivity, the paths open up and great blessings come to us, both in the spiritual, personal, family, friendship, employment, love, finances, etc. fields.

In this ritual we will ask the Virgin of Regla with a bath of herbs and powerful flowers so that she is in charge of giving us her power, bringing the good and keeping the bad away.

The Virgin of Regla is a saint that many adore, like a mother she always responds to those who have faith and trust in her, in Santería or Osha's Rule, she syncretizes with the Orisha of the sea, Yemayá.


  • Basin (deep bowl)
  • Sea water or serene water (we explain how to prepare it below)
  • 1 small teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Holy water from the church, water from the spiritual vault or serene water
  • 1 white or blue candle

If you do not know how to prepare serene water (you can see it by clicking here)

The plants we need:

  • Freshness Plant
  • Basil
  • Purslane Herb
  • good grass
  • Marjoram
  • Verbena
  • white rose or jasmine

How is this ritual of advancement and evolution done?

We must do this spiritual bath in the name of the Virgin of Regla with great faith and confidence in her power as a mother. Put your heart into this work.

  1. In a large container you pour calm water or sea water, preferably.
  2. You throw in that water the herbs already mentioned and the petals of a white rose or jasmine, in case you do not have the rose.
  3. You begin to shred (shred into small pieces) with your hands the herbs and petals until you get all the juice from the plants.
  4. Then you must strain the water and añaAdd a small teaspoon of brown sugar and a splash of spirit vault water (or other holy water).

The rest of the plants that remain after the laundry can be thrown away.

A spiritual Bath with the Virgin of Regla that opens paths:

Now we will light the candle to the Virgin of Regla together with her image and we will place the container in front of it while you ask for her blessing.

Tell him in your prayer that you will take 3 baths with that water in his name so that he frees you from all evil, protects you from harm and that you open your paths towards good.

  • You leave that water for a while at rest, while your prayer or conversation with the saint lasts.
  • Without blowing out the candle you will take a bath like every day, and then you pour that water on yourself.
  • You will do this bath three consecutive days for better results.

As there are 3 days of ritual, the water that you prepare the first day with the herbs, you can divide it into three portions so that you have enough for the three days.

Tips for the ritual with the little virgin:

  • Let that water dry on your body so that its energies permeate.
  • Try to dress in light color or white after doing the ritual.  
  • You will always do the spiritual bath from the neck down, respecting the head, as this is very delicate before certain herbs.
  • Remember: before the ritual light the candle and turn it off when leaving the bathroom.

A single Spiritual Bath in the name of the Virgin of Regla has the power to clarify the paths, remove all that backwardness that we carry in life, have faith.

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