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How to prepare a Spiritual Bath with your Guardian Angel?

spiritual bath

This beautiful spiritual bath On behalf of your guardian angel, it will help you attract positive energies into your life depending on the trials you are facing.

Do you know why these rituals are so powerful in our body?

Spiritual baths, in addition to cleaning our body, renew our spirit, and the union of certain elements with spiritual powers and a purpose of heart make it a purifying ritual.

These rituals must always have a specific purpose and today's will be to sweeten our body, and thus be able to attract positive energies, they are spiritual baths for health, well-being and balance, with this the rest flows like water.

Just have faith, trust that everything will change and get better for the better.


  • Deep container such as a bucket or basin
  • sweet orange leaves
  • Honey
  • Cocoa butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 white candle

This spiritual cleansing bath to unlock and open paths destroys everything (evil, enemies and diseases), so you will give it to yourself in the name of your guardian angel. for three Fridays in a row, to have better results.

Step-by-step procedure How to do the ritual bath?

Remember that these baths of spiritual light are powerful as long as you put a good intention on them, the rituals that are done from caprice or arrogance will not have good results, peace and love must prevail in you when doing them.

  1. First you will put a little water in a container, approximately half a bucket.
  2. You take the leaves of the sweet orange plant and place them in the water, you must rub them hard with your hands to obtain their juice, essence and energy.
  3. When the water turns green, strain it and throw the rest of the leaves in the trash.
  4. Then you pour 5 tablespoons of honey, a bit of cocoa butter, and an egg white into the water (we will not use the yolk).
  5. When everything is ready, you light a candle and put it in front of the container with the prepared water.

Short prayer dedicated to the Guardian Angel for the road-opening ritual

Angel of God, you who were assigned to me on the day of my birth, you who are my connection with the spiritual world and are always by my side, listen to my prayers.

I open my heart to you so that you can show me the world in a clear way through messages that I can understand and guide me on the path of health and prosperity.

In your name I will take three baths three Fridays in a row so that you help me remove all negative energy from my body that is hindering my path and does not allow me to move forward.

May your blessing follow me and hold me always, thank you my angel.

These 3 path-opening spiritual baths will purify your soul and your body, it is important to do each step from faith and humility, connecting to the power of your guardian angel.

6 Tips to follow in this spiritual cleansing bath:

  1. Wear white or light-colored clothes after each bath to attract good energy.
  2. I always advise taking baths at night, so that later bañasa sleep with that essence in your body and preferably do not leave the house.
  3. Clean the shower and the remains that remain should be taken to the trash.
  4. First you must bañaWash yourself with common water like every day and at the end you pour the ritual water.
  5. While you take a shower, visualize how the evils and the negative energy go away along with the water that falls from your body.
  6. Meditate while doing the ritual on what you want to achieve and what you want to attract.

Spiritual baths are like offal, and they also serve us to attract love, health, money and everything we need, because through them we acquire a higher spiritual development, and this activates a powerful energy in our being.

Put a lot of faith in it, remember that this is one of the main ingredients. Without hope and trust we cannot achieve good results.

Blessings for you.

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