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Do you want to keep problems away? With the Virgin of Regla a Ritual Bath

Virgin of Regla ritual bath

Prodigious and all dressed in blue is our Virgin of Regla, which for its great power is venerated by millions of Cubans and many other devotees in the rest of the world... black virgin, with a noble heart and merciful hands.

In Afro-Cuban syncretism This beautiful little virgin is identified in our Yoruba religion as Yemayá, the mother of all on earth, belly that gives blessings, Universal owner of the seas.

The Virgencita de Regla works miracles for everyone, his devotees usually pray to him for:

  • Achieve miracles alluding to health and abundance,
  • give women the gift of motherhood and take care of their babies,
  • protect against witchcraft, envy, enemies and evil.

Men who sail the high seas also ask for protection on their journeys.

Ingredients for the Ritual Bath with herbs:

  • Container or bucket with water
  • Leaves of the purple basil plant
  • Green basil plant leaves
  • molasses of caña
  • White Essence Personal Perfume (Clear)
  • 1 blue or white candle
  • Image or stamp of the Virgin of Regla

Bath in the name of the Virgin of Regla to remove obstacles from the path

  1. First, in the container with water you must add the leaves of green basil and purple basil.
  2. Squeeze those leaves with your hands until you get their juice, their essence.
  3. Pour a spoonful of molasses from caña, and a splash of your perfume.
  4. Light the candle with great faith and place it next to the container with the water prepared for the spiritual bath in front of the image of the Virgin of Regla.
  5. Make this beautiful prayer dedicated to the Virgin from the heart.

I pray to make a special request to the Virgin of Regla:

Virgin of Regla

You must say these words with great faith and humility:

Merciful Virgin of Regla I ask for your blessing
With your permission and in your name I will give myself spiritual baths with this water.
Our Mother and Lady of Regla, source of our happiness.
You, who are the treasurer of Divine Grace and the Most Holy God, have made you dispenser of all his power in Heaven and on Earth.
The numerous miracles you have performed show that you are the remedy for our ills.
I beg your kindness to obtain from me, the source of all graces,
(Make the request)
Our Lady of Regla, I humbly prostrate before your holy image.
And I ask you not to abandon my request or leave it unanswered.
In these moments of trials that God has designed to enlighten my blind and stubborn heart.
I come to you and tell you my present.
You who are really the remedy for all ills, the door to heaven.

How do we finally do the body bath? 6 tips

  1. Divide the water into three parts, since you will take three baths in a row, one each day.
  2. In each ritual you should always have the candle lit and at the end turn it off.
  3. Remember every day to pray with faith the prayer that I shared with you, light the candle before you start praying and keep it for the duration of your bath.
  4. After your daily bath with clear water, you pour that prepared ritual water over your body and let it dry on your body, do not dry yourself with a towel.
  5. At the end clean the shower and collect the remains of plants that were left, throw them in the trash.
  6. Wear white clothes after the ritual so that the positive energies are activated.

Remember that the main ingredient in this Ritual Bath at the foot of the Virgen de Regla is faith.

May the Virgencita listen to your requests and strengthen you! Blessings.

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