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Bath of the Seven African Powers

Bath seven powers

This bathroom at Seven African Powers it is usually employed for a special request, but it also has the power to attract and protect.

In the name of these seven powerful Orishas we will perform this bath of flowers, waters and other very powerful natural elements.

Who are the Seven African Powers?

Seven Orishas who join their forces and natural energies to bring justice, protection and love to men on earth.

ObatalaFather of all on earth, creator of the universe, owner of our thoughts and of everything white. King of purity and of the heads of men on earth.
ElegguaOwner of the roads and the four corners. It is the first protection, it lives in the mountains and in the bush. He is the one who opens the astrals of happiness and destiny.
ShangoKing of fire and drum. Owner of lightning, thunder and lightning. His is the color red, he is a warrior by nature, recognized for his great strength.
orulaThe great fortune teller, witness to the creation of the universe. Counselor of humanity, reveals through the oracle of Ifá the past, the present and the future, his word is sacred.
OggunOwner of iron, metal, roads and mountains. Warrior and hunter par excellence. Strong and irascible Orisha. With his irons he is the strongest.
YemayaMother of all her children on earth, mother of fish. Owner of the sea, the waves and the salty waters of the world. Protective by nature, justice and kind to her children.
OshunOrisha of beauty and riches. Queen of the world's fresh waters, streams and rivers. Protector of the bellies of pregnant women. Provider of life, love and abundance.

Ritual of the 7 powers

To prepare this bath you must read the ingredients well and get them all so that you can perform the ritual without stumbling, it may be difficult, especially if you do not have a sea or river nearby.

But keep it in mind for when you are near the waters of our Oshún and Yemayá orishas you can perform this powerful bath.

It is recommended to do it at night and the next day to go outside without showering or taking a bath very early before leaving home, the important thing is that the essence of the water remains in your body so that the energies of the ritual flow.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1/2 liter of common water
  • Good Grass Plant
  • Rosemary plant
  • Corojo butter
  • Roses of any color, they can be different colors
  • Flower of Water or Lotus, but rather Flower of the Pacific Sea
  • Sea Water and River Water
  • Coconut Water and Holy Water
  • For your personal use: Agua Florida or Agua de Colonia
  • Cascarilla
  • Vela

Preparation of the bath at the Seven Powers:

  1. First, boil the good herb, rosemary and a little bit of corojo butter in half a liter of water.
  2. When it has been boiling for 10 minutes, turn it off and let it cool.
  3. When cooling well, he will strain it and add the rose petals and the flower of the peaceful sea or flower of water.
  4. With your hands you will squeeze the flowers well into the water and while doing so connect with your spirituality and ask for whatever you want. Remember that the water must be cold because it can burn.
  5. AñaIt will say later the sea water, the river water, the coconut water and the water of Florida or colony, the cascarilla and holy water.

These waters that we use in the ritual are not only powerful, they are also sacred and blessed because they clean and purify.

  1. When you go to take the bath, light your candle to the 7 African Powers and pray with faith and heart:

The Prayer of the 7 African Powers

Oh, Seven Powers who are around the Holy One among the holy ones!

I humbly kneel before your miraculous painting, to implore your intercession before God.

Loving Father who protects all creation, animate and inanimate, and I ask you, in the name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus, that you grant my request and return to me peace of spirit and material prosperity, moving away from my house and taking away from my step the pitfalls that are the cause of my ills, without ever being able to torment me again.

My heart tells me that my request is fair, and if you agree to it, añaYou will say more glory to the blessed name for ever and ever of our Lord God, from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you.

So be it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Listen to me, Chango!

Listen to me, Ochún!

Attend to me, Yemayá!

Look at me with good eyes, Obatala!

Don't abandon me, Ogun!

Be auspicious, Orula!

Intercede for me, Eleguá!

Grant me what I ask of you through the intercession of the Seven African Powers! Oh, Holy Christ of Olofi. For ever and ever be blessed. Amen.

Make your request. Cross yourself.

This bath can be done as many times as you want, remember to be consistent with your request, ask for what you need, but always accept what the Orishas give you and give thanks.

When you finish the bath let the candle burn out, clean the remains of elements that were left in the shower and preferably wear white clothing for protection.

May this powerful bath on behalf of the Seven African Powers deliver all the health, abundance and love you need in your life. Ashé.

religious print with prayer of the seven African powers

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