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3 Bathrooms Abre Caminos de Elegguá Do you want to cleanse yourself of all obstacles?

Baños opens paths Elegguá

Sometimes in life the roads are closed, and not only because of enemies or traps, but because things happen to us that we must face such as illnesses, anguish and situations that actually make us stronger.

Why does this have to happen to me? This is one of the questions that we ask ourselves the most when things are not going well and the truth, although it sounds harsh, is that if by mandate of the Orishas that is the reality that we have to live, we have to accept it.

Time and our deities will tell us why we had to face such adversities, while we have no choice but to learn with wisdom and be strong, trust and have great faith.

If you are looking, like everyone else, to open paths to success, I recommend these bathrooms in the name of Elegguá, the little boy and warrior of the Osha or Santería.

This Yoruba prince is the one who closes and opens the paths of our destiny, he is the messenger of Olofin, Orisha warrior along with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun.

With faith you always get positive answers, every bath you take in the name of the Orishas must be done with purpose, concentration and tranquility, always with positive energy.


  • Basin or wide container
  • Several Leaves of the plant Make way
  • mint plant leaves
  • Guava tree leaves
  • Florida water or fresh cologne (perfume)
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

Step by step to do this beautiful ritual with Eleguá

These Baths open paths with Elegguá are a true balm when we are wishing that everything becomes positive and prosperous in our lives.

I recommend putting all the leaves of the plants mentioned above in a basin or container with water and rip them (chop them up) so that they release their essence, you can also boil them together for 10 minutes.

  1. To begin the ritual, first light the candle in front of Elegguá.

In case you have not received the Orisha, you can also do these baths in his name, you can light the candle behind the main door of your house. which is where he lives.

  1. Once the candle is lit, you put the basin with the herbs in front of Eleguá.
  2. You call Elegguá with three knocks on the floor, you ask for his blessing, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke on him.
  3. After having blown on Elegguá, you also blow brandy and tobacco into the bath prepared with herbs.
  4. You ask permission with faith and give knowledge of what you do in his name, give thanks and discuss your problems with him, always transmitting your joys and anxieties.

3 Spiritual Baths for our development and evolution

  • When everything is ready, you strain that water with herbs and añagive a splash of Florida water or cologne (you can throw the herbs in the trash).
  • After the bath with common water, you will give yourself the ritual bath with great faith.
  • For it to give good results you should take three baths in a row (one each day).

As there are three baths, you can do the preparation with the herbs only once and divide it into 3 parts (one for each day) or you can also do the entire procedure every day.

Tips for the ritual with Elegguá:

Keep in mind that you should always do the ritual with the candle lit, then you will turn it off when you get out of the shower.

I always recommend wearing white after each bath and you will pour the water from the neck down, respecting the head.

  • You can start on Monday, which is the quintessential day of Eleguá, we attend to this day and offer our gratitude.

May the blessing of Elegguá protect you and cover you always, remember to always ask for good, pray for health, luck and lots of love.

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