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3 Flush Baths with Rosemary Water to cleanse our energy

Baths with rosemary water

The spiritual baths with rosemary they have exceptional benefits for our body and our spirit.

Taking a bath with rosemary is always a good option if we feel burdened, pressured, and exhausted.

Thus, that bad energy that we may have accumulated throughout the day will be cleared up and we will feel relieved and relaxed.

Benefits of bañadrink with rosemary water:

  • Balance the mind
  • purify energies,
  • eliminate bad vibes,
  • attracts good luck and
  • sends best wishes.

However, if we mix rosemary with other powerful purifying herbs, we will obtain many more benefits not only to clear negative energies, but also to improve our health.

For this we must choose fresh plants, and put a lot of spirituality in the ritual baths.

1. Spiritual baths with Ruda and Romero to attract positive energy

Magical properties of rue
Plant the Rue

If we add rue to a spiritual bath with rosemary, we will obtain a perfect mixture that will help us to clear the negative energy and attract all the positive from the environment.

Rue is an herb that has several medicinal uses and with its strong aroma it keeps even insects away.

But it also has strong cleaning properties to remove any negative energy residue.

This plant acts as a purifier, consumes and eliminates all dark energy charges and allows cleaning to ward off sadness, the evil eye and all negative charges.

To do this ritual we need:

  • Three liters of warm water
  • Rosemary
  • Ruda


  1. To make a classic rue and rosemary bath, we must add the fresh herbs in the three liters of warm water and let the herbs release all their internal juices, until the water changes color.
  2. We must leave the water like that for a few hours until its properties are mixed.
  3. To do the bath, we can first take a regular shower and then with the help of a container, we drop the water with rosemary and rue all over our body.

The entire process must be accompaniedañado of a lot of faith and positive thoughts. In addition, we can light an incense or a candle to balance the energies.

2. Baños opens paths with Rosemary and Basil for Good Luck

Basil Plant
Basil plant

Basil it is a delicious seasoning and flavoring with many spiritual benefits.

It is a recognized plant that brings good fortune, keeps bad luck away and attracts success in our lives.

If we add it to the spiritual bath with rosemary, this plant will help eliminate negativity and attract vibrations of happiness and well-being.

Basil also has the power to strengthen our memory, to alleviate sadness and melancholy and to ensure prosperity and abundance.

To make the basil and rosemary bath we need:

  • Boiled water
  • Basil
  • Rosemary

First we boil a liter of water and add the basil branches and rosemary. Then we cover and let the mixture rest for a few hours.

  • We can add a handful of salt to help us cleanse and purify our body of bad vibes.

After the usual bath, we smear the liquid and the herbs to clean all the impurities and bad energies.

We must always think positive, so that the bath works and thus relieves tensions, the weight on the shoulders, and we will be lighter and happier.

3. Baths with Rosemary and Laurel to protect ourselves from envy and enemies

Bay leaves

Laurel is a highly coveted plant Not only for the medicinal properties it contains and its culinary uses, but it also eliminates bad astral vibrations and breaks any spells or evil work intended for us.

Therefore, adding it to the rosemary bath will help us eliminate those envies and bad desires destined to make us fall and also any evil spell that is destined for us.

This plant provides powerful protection to repel the negative.

To prepare the water for the bath with rosemary and bay leaf we need:

  • Boiled water
  • Sal Island
  • Rosemary
  • Laurel

As in the previous baths, we first boil the water and later we include the branches of rosemary and bay leaf and let them rest until their properties are mixed.

Then we can add a handful of sea salt to enhance the purifying effect.

After our usual bath, we drop the mixture of rosemary, bay leaf and salt on our body, so that it carries away any trace of bad energy and negative vibrations, always thinking about the good things in life and attracting good vibes towards us.

Then we let the air dry our bodies and focus on relief and happiness.

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