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Baths with Yemayá water to clean impurities and attract luck

Yemayá baths for luck

The Yemayá water baths for luck and abundance, is a ritual for you to shine wherever you unfold, in your environment.

Yemaya she gives you clarity and always extends to her children her tender arms of a sacred and loving mother, so that you can manifest yourself as you are.

The baths in the name of Yenya are very helpful, they ward off bad energies and attract prosperity to our lives and if it is with sea water much better, remember that their energies live there, owner and mistress of the salty waters of the world.

Always keep in mind that everything we do must be in faith, visualize every time you ask, what you want for your life.


If you have Yemayá u Olokun You can place the bathroom container in front of your soup tureen, you can uncover it if you wish and give it knowledge of what you will do, that is up to you.

If you do not have it, you can still make this bathroom with an image or picture of the Virgin of Regla And if you don't have one either, don't worry, there is nothing that faith cannot achieve, Yemayá will listen to you, the important thing is your approach and your confidence in what you do.

Ingredients you need:

  • Sea water preferably, but you can also use plain water with a glass of coarse salt.
  • Coconut soap that only you use (you cannot share it with someone else)
  • Fresh perfume or cologne that only you use.
  • 1 blue floating candle is best, but a blue candle or a long blue candle.
  • A basin or container
  • molasses of caña

Preparation of the bath with Yemayá water:

  1. Pour your seawater into the basin, in case you don't have one, you will pour the amount of a glass of coarse salt into a little plain water and pour your individual fresh perfume or cologne into the water.
  1. When pouring the water, you must take into account the amount, because inside you will put your blue candle, therefore, first you will have to make sure that the water does not exceed the candle.
  1. After having the water ready, you should stir it with your hands, always in a clockwise direction and at the same time talking with Yemayá.
  1. Be careful not to wet the candle so that it does not get wet, carefully place the candle in the center of the container.
  1. He will light the candle, he will also carefully proceed to pour the molasses around the candle.aña, that is, in the form of a circle, always in a clockwise direction.

I recommend doing this ritual with care and a lot of love and while the candle is lit you should be watching it, looking at that light that radiates and asking Yemayá that just as that light shines, you shine.

  1. After the candle has been extinguished, if sperm fell, that water will drain.
  1. First you will take a bath (with common water), but with coconut soap that cleans negative energies and is also used as an element of attraction for good things.
  1. Then he will take the container where he prepared the Yemayá water and he will throw it from his shoulders down and letting that water dry on his body (do not dry with a towel).

You can repeat this bath every week, may you enjoy it and may the blessings of Yemayá fill you with success and many blessings.

To take into account in the Yemayá baths:

  • Always at the end of each bath you should clean the remains that are left in the shower, you should never leave them there, even if you live alone.
  • Remember that the Yemayá baths are for luck and development, while you do it you must consciously ask, as the water runs through your body feel how it cleanses and purifies you.

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