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Baños in the name of Chango: So that the warrior frees you from difficulties

Baths with Chango

These are times when bad situations are the order of the day, but since everyone has someone to protect them and take them out of situations, we must activate spirituality.

And it is not a lie, but you have to have a lot of faith in the name of whoever does each ritual, in this case it is the Orisha Shango the king of dance, of the drum, who wins battles with his thunder and lightning and always protects and protects us.

Remember that where there is good faith, everything is done well.

Ingredients we need:

Pomegranate fruit for Baths with Chango
Punica granatum, commonly called pomegranate whose fruit is the pomegranate. 
  • 6 pomegranate fruits
  • Honey
  • Honey
  • Red wine, a drink that Shango loves so much
  • 2 candles
  • Container with serene or rain water (if you want to know how to prepare serene water, I recommend you read the following article below)

How do we do these ritual baths with Chango?

  1. First you extract all the juice from the pomegranates and then you strain it to eliminate its seeds.
  2. Then you pour that juice into the container of rainwater or into the serene water, which is nothing more than the water that was in the serene during the night.
  3. You light the two candles at the foot of Shango and in front of his deity you place the container with the water. In case of not having received it, you put the candles on the floor and in front of them the container.
  4. Then you say to Shango with a lot of faith and from the heart the following prayer.

Short prayer to the great King Shango:

King of kings, Kawo Shango
Here is your son / daughter (your name)
Asking for your blessing like every day
I ask for your help and intervention through this bathroom
For you to get me out of my problem (say it)
So that with your rays you destroy all the evil that I have or may have.
Kawo Kabie Sile! Mo dupe (thank you)

  1. Once the candles are lit and the prayer said, you pour a splash of honey and a splash of honey into the bathroom.
  2. You blow red wine on Shango and then you pour a splash of red wine into the bathroom.
  3. You leave this water at the foot of the orisha for a while so that its energy and elements mix.

How do we proceed with the bathroom?

Then, even with the candles lit, you take a bath from the shoulders down, I recommend 3 to 6 baths, that is, during those following days.

I recommend never dry your body, wear white after bathing and blow out the candles whenever the ritual is finished.

The next day you will do the same, you can prepare the bath for 3 or 6 days, but remember that then you must add more honey, honey, wine, that is, it depends on the amount of water you are going to use. Or you can also prepare the fresh bath every day, as you wish.

I sincerely hope that these baths with Chango bring him the blessing of Kabo, and that he always accompanies you with great health, abundance and love.

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