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5 Baths with Flowers to elevate the spirit and attract good vibes

Bathrooms with flowers

Flowers have always been, pleasant company for human beings. They have the power to beautify us, to perfume spaces and quiet environments.

They are not only decorative motifs in our home, but they have enormous spiritual symbolism.

We must know that flowers have different properties and meanings, which are intermingled with their spiritual powers.

Thus, these beautiful representatives of nature can symbolize love, purity, pleasure, gratitude, beauty, passion and many other feelings and emotions.

Flowers have always been present in our life in one way or another. As a gift from a special person, decorating our home and also attracting positive vibes to our life.

There are some flowers that are extremely popular as symbols of good luck. It is said that many not only decorate, but powerfully attract good things to the place where we place them.

Flowers also contribute to the elevation of the spirit and emotional balance, so we can use them in numerous rituals to attract good vibes to our lives, such as cleanings, and spiritual baths.

What benefits does a Floral bath? To relax and soothe

A bath with flowers will completely relax us, especially in times of stress. In addition, it will perfume our body and make us feel special.

Thanks to the natural properties of each of the flowers, these spiritual baths provide a positive effect on both the physical and energy levels.

If we are affected by those negative energies that we sometimes collect from the environment, due to bad desires, envies and dissatisfactions, a floral spiritual bath will help us to get rid of the bad vibes that hinder us and to relieve stress and pressure.

After a stressful day at work, there is no greater relief than a delicious refreshing bath that increases our energy through the therapeutic properties of flowers.

We must know that each bath has a different effect depending on the flowers we use, so we must know their properties and benefits.

  • Important: We should preferably choose fresh plants and if we wish, enhance the effect of the bath by accompanying it with candles, incense or incense.

5 Spiritual Baths with flowers to eliminate bad energy and attract good things:

Red rose bath to attract love

1. Spiritual bath with red rose petals to attract love and awaken passion

The red rose is ideal for those who are looking for great love or want to find balance in a troubled relationship.

  • We just have to spread red rose petals in the bathtub and let the warm water relax us.

On the other hand, if we wash in the shower, we can store water with red rose petals in a glass bowl or a container a few minutes before, and if we wish we can add honey, to sweeten the love.

When we finish our usual bath, we spread the mixture throughout our body, ridding ourselves of negative charges and thinking about the happiness of having a passionate and sincere love.

2. A ritual bath with daisies for good luck and to ward off envy

If we are being affected by bad luck and the envy of others, this bathroom will help us to remove them from our life.

  1. For this bath, we just have to add daisy petals to our bathtub and submerge ourselves, letting them touch our body and absorb the bad vibes.
  2. In addition to daisy petals, we can add sprigs of basil or rue, plants that enhance the attraction of good luck and ward off bad vibes.
  3. You can also añaSay a splash of your personal perfume, to cleanse your aura.

We can mix the plants in a bowl with water and sprinkle it after finishing our usual bath, asking our spiritual guides for good luck and better opportunities.

3. Powerful spiritual bath with white roses to balance emotions and bring good luck

The white rose spiritual bath can help us to attract pure and sincere love, but also to regain energy and spiritual balance after being extremely pressured and stressed.

To take a bath with white roses we must spread the petals of these flowers in the bathtub or in a container and add touches of honey to enhance the purifying effect.

Then we immerse ourselves in the water and wait for the energetic properties of these elements to restore our calm and restore our emotional balance to face the challenges that lie ahead.

If we take baths in the shower, we add the petals and honey to a bowl of water and we sprinkle ourselves with the mixture when we finish washing, it is always important to pour the ritual waters into our body when it is clean.  

This process has the same restorative and purifying effect.

4. Ritual with sunflowers or yellow roses, to attract prosperity and abundance

Yellow rose bath

If we strongly desire financial stability and are going through bad economic times, we must take a spiritual bath with sunflowers or yellow roses to solve our problems.

This spiritual bath is essential to open the ways of money and find new solutions.

  1. To perform this ritual bath, we only have to spread the petals of sunflowers or yellow roses in the bathtub, as both flowers are excellent for attracting money.
  2. We can also add a pinch of ground cinnamon and a splash of honey to these baths, as both elements are also representative of abundance.
  3. if we bañaWe take a shower, add the ingredients to a bucket or container with boiled water and spread them over our body after washing.

Always is good Leave the elements in the container or tub, at least half an hour before the ritual, as the ingredients will release their aroma and essences and will be more purifying.

Thus, bad energy will abandon us and allow luck and abundance to accompany us.

5. Purifying bath with lilies, for peace and the protection of our home

Lily flowers
Lily or lily flowers

The lily is an extremely fragrant flower, whose aroma acts as a natural relaxant.

Hence, the plant is given purifying properties and is recognized as a symbol of peace and harmony in homes.

Through a spiritual bath with lilies, we seek a lot of peace and joy to eliminate the internal conflicts that may exist in our home.

In addition, this flower will also provide us with personal balance and improve our way of dealing with emotional disorders.

This is a good ritual to do on Sundays and start the week with a lot of inner peace.

How do we prepare the bath with lilies?

First we must add lily petals to the water with which we are going to wash, so that its exceptional aroma relaxes us and gives us peace.

In addition, the flower will purify our body, ridding it of the bad vibes that accumulate conflicts, fights and arguments, and will fill it instead, with peace and harmony.

Other powerful cleansings we can do to open the good trails:

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