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Baths with Oshún for luck

Oshún baths for luck

We need to attract good things to our life and the most comforting are these baths with Oshún to attract luck, to free us from negative energies and attract positive ones.

We will invoke in this bathroom OshunBeautiful like no other, Goddess of abundance, who attracts with her honey and breaks spells with her pumpkin.

Items you need:

  • A container
  • River water
  • 5 sweet oranges
  • 5 pumpkin blossoms
  • 5 tablespoons honey
  • Florida water or its perfume (for personal use)
  • 2 yellow or white candles

How do I prepare Oshún's bath?

  1. For this work we need to have a river nearby to have some of its powerful water.
  2. Pour the river water into a container.
  3. The 5 oranges will be juiced and that juice will be poured into the water.
  4. Squeeze the 5 pumpkin blossoms with your hands gently in the water, as if washing by hand, but gently, giving thanks and placing your order.
  5. Then he will add the honey and its perfume.
  6. He will put that container for a few minutes in front of Oshún with his two burning candles and will make his request, crying out for his help and protection.

If you have not received this Orisha or are not initiated in religion, you can do this work in the name of our Goddess of love Oshún, placing a lot of faith and spirituality in the work. You can invoke it with this powerful prayer:

  1. Then you will take that shoulder bath down and let it dry on your body.
  2. When you finish the bath, turn off the candles to light them again the next day.
  3. This bath for its effectiveness will be given for 5 days in a row.


I suggest taking the bath in the mañana and when it can be in the house for a while, to have it much longer in the body, because its ingredients are very strong and can be sticky.

How to ask Oshún?

Invoking Oshún consists of establishing direct communication with the Orisha, either through a prayer, a personal request or with your thought.

Sit quietly, calmly, light a candle to help you meditate, open your heart, and converse with total sincerity. Never lie to the Orishas, ​​they know your situation and your needs, deposit faith and love and you will see how you are listened to and find peace in your being.

The Oshún baths not only help us attract luck, but also give us the love and happiness of this deity. Trust and have faith in this bath, when you do it feel like the water takes everything in its path, connect and perceive the spirituality that this ritual contains.

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