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Baths with Oshún to fall in love and seduce

Baths with Oshún

Seducing, enchanting and falling in love is an art, an art that we all innately possess.

We are a magical essence that attracts others, our being is special and unique and when we create bonds with other people, new forms of love are forged that attract us. Although sometimes we feel unfortunate in love, it is not that we have a lack of luck, it is that we do not know our powers, because they remain there asleep without being able to find them.

If you want to activate that powerful force, generate attraction and seduce, I recommend this bath on behalf of Oshun, the Venus of love.

With your faith and trust in her and in yourself you will achieve with this powerful ritual:

  • strengthen and strengthen that love that you currently have by your side or
  • find a being of light like you to accompany you on the path of life.

Spiritual baths to attract love:

You will give this bath 5 Saturdays in a row and you cannot skip any Saturday at the same time you start.

You will need a few ingredients and you will not be able to substitute them, otherwise the work will not work. Each of the elements has a special spiritual meaning and function.


  • 1/2 liter of water
  • Yellow Rose Petals
  • Honey bee
  • 1 liter of River Water
  • Fresh lettuce
  • 2 yellow candles

How to prepare the bath to sweeten?

  1. First you must boil half a liter of water, when the boiling begins you will add the petals of the yellow roses, you must leave them for about 5 minutes.
  2. Let the water cool and when it is cold añaYou will say the honey, the river water and the fresh lettuce leaves, with your hands crumble the lettuce inside, well undone.
  3. Light the candles to Oshún, ask for his blessing and give thanks for everything.
  4. You give him knowledge of the bath you will perform and the reason why you do it, you will say:

Here is your daughter / o asking for your blessing

and thanking you for your favors
That just as you attract your loves to yourself
I also need your grace
So that love reaches me or keep mine (your request)
That with your honey you attract its sweetness to me
Thank you for your kindness mother

  1. You will leave that prepared water in its container at rest for 30 minutes in front of Oshún, if you have not received the Orisha you can also perform this work on his behalf. At this time meditate and converse with the Orisha with sincerity.

If it is difficult for you to talk with Oshún, I recommend you read the following article:

Recommendations for bathing with Oshún:

  • If you have a bathtub, you will pour the liquid into your bath water and it must remain in the water for 30 minutes. Take this space to reflect, talk with the orisha and ask her from the heart for whatever you want.
  • Otherwise, you should take your container to the bathroom, and after your normal bath you will shower with the prepared water from the neck down, scrubbing that water well all over your body.
  • Don't get dry, let that water dry on your body.
  • Remember to clean the remains that are left in the shower after the bath.
  • He will light the candles in each bath during the 5 Saturdays of the ritual and at the end he will extinguish them.
  • I recommend doing the bath preferably at night so that the essences of the elements remain on top of you until the next day, that is, 24 hours and later wear white clothes.

Remember, while doing the ritual baths with Oshún, ask for everything you want, you must gather all the ingredients so that you can take the bath smoothly and do not forget faith, it is the most important element. 

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