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Baths with Ruda and Romero in the name of the protective spirits

Baths with Ruda and Romero

If you feel that you are loaded with bad vibes, what you should do before taking a bath with sweet herbs is to take baths with bitter herbs (such as rue and rosemary) to get rid of negative energies.

The herbs that Mother Nature gives us are very powerful, but we must know how to use them to obtain good results, otherwise this bath will not favor you and will not have the desired effect.

Many times we wonder why if we perform works and rituals we do not obtain what we want, we are even worse, remember that we all attract the good and the bad because we are energy, we must know how to differentiate when we are negatively charged and not prepare sweet herbal baths.

Ruda for luck:

The rue It is a plant with very great spiritual powers, it has infinities of utilities to help us catalyze the energies around us, especially the negative or malignant ones that cause us so many afflictions, among its main benefits are:

  • Keep bad luck and envy away.
  • It works as a protection shield for those who have this plant. 
  • It helps us to mitigate bad energies.
  • Strengthen positivism and bring light into our life.
  • Scare away evil spirits.
  • It attracts money, abundance and prosperity.

What are rue and rosemary baths for?

As you can see, the energy that charges the Ruda is powerful, but next to Rosemary It is capable of driving away demons, dark energies and people we want to remove from our lives.

Therefore, in these bathrooms we will use rue and rosemary which are two types of bitter plants and will help us to loosen the darkness of our environment, thus being able to attract all the good and beautiful to you.

Ingredients for the bath:

  • Rue leaves
  • Rosemary leaves
  • 5 liters of Serene water
  • Coarse salt 
  • Brandy or alcohol
  • 1 white candle

Serene water is very powerful, learn how to prepare it in this post.

How to prepare it?

  1. Bring the rue and rosemary to a boil and cool.
  2. Strain this liquid and pour it into the container of the serenity water.
  3. Then you should add the coarse salt and a splash of brandy or alcohol.
  4. This bath will be given for three consecutive days and always from the shoulders down, do not dry out and let that water dry on the body.

I recommend that the bathrooms be in the morning hoursañana, remember to be calm and do it with great faith.

At the time of taking this bath you must light the candle to your protective spirits and extinguish it when finished.

What to ask of your protective spirits while taking your bath?

The protective spirits are always asked for good, never evil. When you speak with them, be consistent with your request, be sincere and do it from the heart and with faith. The spirits that accompanied himañan they are good, they know what is best for your life, leave what is best for you to their will.

Say these words with faith:

Protective spirits, I ask for your blessing and help, that with this bath I remove all negative and harmful from my body. Thank you good spirits! 

Have faith that these baths with rue and rosemary They will help you prosper and achieve bonanza and luck in your life.

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