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How can we purify ourselves through Baths with Salt? Renew your vibe

Baths with Salt

Salt is one of the elements with the most healing and spiritual force, its power eliminates bad energies from the environment and from ourselves.

Many are the people who clean their house with salt, to avoid that the bad vibes accumulate in the corners and at the same time make the good energies reach everywhere.

Salt is a quintessential energy cleanser, renowned for its use in multiple rituals throughout the centuries.

Therefore, we see that this element is not only used to flavor foods, but also helps to work in conflictive environments and cope with situations of great stress and even avoid the envy of others.

We must also know that, if we feel our body laden without spirit, exhausted or worn out, taking a salt bath is the best idea to restore the natural energy field.

Let's take "b"“years of salt” to eliminate bad vibes of body and mind

Baths with sea salt

Salt in bathrooms, helps us to get rid of those bad feelings that we can accumulate being in a certain place or in negative company.

It can be natural sea salt or salts prepared in esoteric stores.

We can then take a bath in a tub to eliminate all traces of bad energy that may be on us, making us feel bad.

Let's prepare the bath in the tub or in a bucket:

 It is recommended to prepare it in the following way:

  1. We must first bañaAs usual, the body must be clean before the ritual baths.
  2. Then we must clean the space of the shower or bathtub, in case we have it.
  3. We must add the salts to the water, either in the tub or in a bucket, we will move the water with our hands delicately so that the salts are diluted.
  4. It is preferable that the finally prepared water is left warm, in this way it will be more relaxing for the body.

Keep in mind that the water that we start using must be hot and then add cold water little by little, until reaching a comfortable temperature.

The measure of natural salt, for baths in a tub, it can be half a kilo and even a full one.

Although it may be less depending on the amount of water in which we prepare the bath.

A bath with salt to relax and purify the body:

Once we start the ritual bath we must feel how the salt water runs through our body and visualize that the energy and everything bad is going away from us.

This part is very important, if we do not put spirituality in it, the expected results will not be the same.

Remember that the bathtub must be clean when finished and that the remains of water and salt must go down the drain in its entirety.

How to do the Salt baths in the shower?

Relaxing baths with salt

We can also do salt baths in the shower, which will also help us eliminate the bad energy that we can retain in our body.

To prepare it we need:

  • The amount of salt that we can retain in the closed fist of the dominant hand.
  • Before doing the ritual we take the bath naturally as every day.
  • At the end we take a handful of salt and pass our hand over our body, it is always advisable to start with the feet and finish at the head.

Important: The salt should never touch our skin, but we clean ourselves with a closed fist.

While we perform the movements in the spiritual bath, we visualize how the remains of bad vibes leave our skin, taking with them the tiredness and exhaustion, the stress and the anguish that haunts us.

Other powerful baths you can perform:

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