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5 Cleaning Baths with Oshún «to Open the Paths to Love»

Oshún cleaning baths

Oshún is the Orisha of love, the one that achieves everything with its magic and sweetness.

She is the owner of rivers, streams, waterfalls and fresh waters, seductive and sensual without equal in the Yoruba pantheon.

The rituals of spiritual cleansing baths are very useful to achieve the love we long for and also to positively attract the person next to us, strengthen love and maintain their balance.

How do we carry out these Oshún cleaning baths?

Gold button for bathrooms
Buttercup flower

The magic of the Oshún baths they bring us very beautiful benefits to our life, happiness, satisfaction to us and to our relationships, and a lot of balance and well-being.

If you put faith and love in your thoughts, the power of all the natural elements that we use belonging to Oshún, will stimulate all your senses and you will be able to attract what you propose.


  • 1 basin or container 
  • 5 oranges
  • 2 yellow or honey candles 
  • Honey bee
  • Daily perfume for personal use
  • Buttercup Flower
  • Brown sugar

We will prepare step by step this work with Oshún for love:

  1. First in the basin or container you must pour common water, if you have river water you can add a little.
  2. For the first bath you must peel an orange. You will use one per day, that is, it will be 5 consecutive baths.
  3. From the fruit we will also use the peel, this must be thrown into the container with water.
  4. You light the candles and place the container with water in front of Oshún. 

You tell him with a lot of faith and love:

Oshún here is your daughter / o (you say your name)

Asking for your blessing and help.

With this bath in your name I beg you to offer me luck in love and the grace of attraction of the person I love (say his name).

Add 5 tablespoons of honey and say:

"Just as I add this honey, I also want you to sweeten my whole body"

Add a few drops of your daily personal perfume and say:

«May this perfume attract love into my life»

Add the flowers of the Buttercup plant and say:

«With these flowers that belong to you, may you open the paths to love and prosperity for me»

Add the 5 tablespoons of brown sugar and say:

«That with this sugar I can sweeten my love»

Recommendations for the Ritual Bath:

You will leave the container for a while in front of Oshún, then you take a bath and while you shower you will leave the candles lit. And so you will do for 5 consecutive days. 

Remember when you finish the ritual clean the shower and preferably leave that water on your body for a while, then wear white or light-colored clothing.

I sincerely hope that Oshún's blessings come along with love.

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