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3 Cleansing and Flowering Baths on behalf of your Eggun and spirits

Cleansing and flowering baths

The spiritual baths They are important, they work as it opens paths and the energies begin to flow and renew themselves.

In addition, they offer us balance and protect us, even more when we put our faith and rely on the spirits that protect us and provide a lot of strength to continue.

Thus you will also grow spiritually with positive charges of purification.

Homemade flowering baths to cleanse the aura

Homemade flowering baths They provide us with many benefits and are good for everything, to cleanse the aura, for health, luck, love, business, money, prosperity, work and every area of ​​our life.

  • This bathroom will have as a basic element varied flowers and plants to overcome difficulties.

In case you cannot get any of them, you can replace them with wild flowers, I am sure that, if you collect them with love and keep your faith unshakeable, your results will be effective. But if you can find these ingredients much better, you will really use their petals and leaves.

Ingredients and herbs for blooming bath

  • White towel
  • White candle

For this flowering ritual we will use various herbs and flowers including:


  • Red roses
  • Pink roses
  • White roses
  • Margaritas
  • Sunflower
  • Pacific Sea (Atori)
  • Buttercup (Ewefin)


  • Paradise segments (Ibayú)
  • Winner Segments
  • Vence Battle Segments
  • Basil Segments (Ewé Afirin)

How to prepare the spiritual bath?

  1. You must first remove the leaves and remove the petals from the flowers, then put them in a clean container (the leaves and petals).
  2. Pour water and bring to a boil for 10 minutes, and let cool.
  3. You must squeeze the leaves and petals well into the water so that they release their essence and then strain it, and the excess must be thrown away.
  4. As you do so, ask what you want from the spirits that protect you.
  5. These baths will be 3 days in a row, I recommend you prepare enough quantity so that you keep it and reach you, but if you have all the ingredients on hand it is much better to do it every day.

What time is the flowering bath done?

The baths will be given at night, while you shower you will light the candle to your egguns (spirits) and when finished turn it off so that it does not stand still, you must put it to bed until the next day.

At the end of your bath, it is advisable to leave that water on your body for a while and use a white towel, since it is a color that purifies, heals and protects.

Also remember to rinse your shower after you are done. 

I sincerely hope that these powerful cleansing and flowering baths will cleanse you and heal you of all negativity, bring you great health and bring into your life a lot of beautiful energy so that everything flows and the paths open. Remember that as I always say, the main ingredient is faith.

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