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Honey Bee Baths to call Love and awaken Passion always

Honey baths for love

Honey It is considered by many as a natural super product with innumerable medicinal properties among which are:

  • relief of cough and respiratory symptoms
  • memory improvement
  • wound healing properties
  • provides nutrients

In addition, honey has a great flavor that has made it included in dishes and gastronomic creations around the world.

But honey also gives us many spiritual properties and magical secrets that will help us in life no matter what moment we are going through ...

Do you know esoteric powers What does honey have?

Honey for love

Honey is one of the most powerful ingredients that can be used in spells to attract love and enhance passion.

Whether we want to strengthen self-love, love relationships with our partner, invigorate those ties that sometimes weaken over time or that love returns to us.

It is said that it can also ward off depression and help find that soul mate to accompany us on the path of life.

Spiritual baths with honey to sweeten

Honey baths for love and attraction are a natural and therapeutic way to relax and at the same time promote a greater knowledge of ourselves and connect with our feelings and desires.

A good bath with honey will strengthen our self-esteem and help us focus on ourselves and our personal care.

Well, although these spiritual baths have the objective of calling love, they also manage to clear those roads that are blocked and that do not allow us to be happy with ourselves.

To take a ritual sweetening bath with honey we only need:

  • One or two teaspoons of honey, it depends on how much you want to use.
  • After bathing with plain water or mild soap, we take the honey and apply it to the wet body.
  • We must do it by massaging lightly and without haste, concentrating on the aroma and sensations.

You can also add the honey to the water you use in the bathroom, if you put it in a tub you can use a little more than if you take the shower with the water prepared in a bucket.

The fundamental ingredient of baths is "spirituality"

It is important to visualize how our wishes come true little by little and how the negative energy is released from our body, the results will depend on the spirituality that we put into it.

We can repeat what we want several times, with great faith and always trusting in ourselves. Then we get out of the bathroom and dry off feeling that our body has been restored and purified.

Let's choose a time of day when we are not in a hurry, so that the ritual is done in a conscious and relaxed way.

To each spiritual bath with honey we can add:

  • water of roses
  • cinnamon powder
  • mint leaves
  • Ylang-Ylang droplets
  • milk
  • nutmeg

All of those are ingredients that also enhance the powers of love and passion.

When we make honey bee baths for love we can also accompanyañathem with aromas of essential oils or with white, red or pink candles, symbols of the powers of love and listening to music at low volume, to relax and enjoy the multiple sensations.

Other powerful rituals and prayers to activate and find love:

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