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Spiritual Orange and Honey Baths to generate joy and happiness

Orange and honey baths

According to mythology, Gea the goddess of the earth gave Hera the wife of Zeus the Garden of the Hesperides as a wedding gift, which according to the stories, was full of golden apple trees.

But those "Golden apples" they are believed to be actually oranges.

The orange, as we see, is a legendary fruit, the protagonist of legends and myths. It is also extremely popular for its medicinal and spiritual characteristics and properties and is listed alongside the apple, grapes and banana as one of the four most popular fruits in the world.

The orange fruit has a high content of vitamin C that prevents cell damage and diseases and is rich in fiber, folic acid, potassium and calcium.

Do you know the wonderful powers of oranges in spirituality?

Oranges are also fruits closely associated with magic and fertility spells. It is said that when an orange tree is planted, we bless the home and prevent infertility.

In addition, due to its intense aroma and bright color, the orange is considered a fruit full of blessings.

Oranges are also associated:

  • With success and prosperity.
  • They can help generate happiness and joy.
  • They attract abundance and good fortune.
  • They purify and strengthen relationships and love ties.

It is even believed that oranges can be used to strengthen our intuition skills. Before making a change of plans or choosing a path to take a situation, we drink a glass of orange juice, and it will help us to intuit the best decision we can make.

It is also said that sharing the juice of this delicious fruit with friends helps to strengthen ties and friendship.

Baths with orange and a little honey to relax mind and body

Baths with orange

It is highly recommended to relax the spirit, a bath sweetened with orange juice and honey.

This orange bath when we need to fill ourselves with good vibes, will attract luck and fortune and will relax our body.

It is appropriate to take it fundamentally before difficult decisions that cause tension and negatively affect our aura.

The orange and honey bath only requires simple elements:

  • Two sweet oranges without the peel
  • Small spoonful of honey.
  • 1 liter of water

We will prepare the ritual bath ...

  1. First we heat the liter of water over low heat until it begins to boil and when it boils, añaWe gave the two cut oranges.
  2. Next añaWe gave the small spoonful of honey to the water and let everything simmer for about 5 minutes.
  3. If we want we can añatell him some cinnamon sticks, which is a magical element that gives us many spiritual properties, such as abundance and love.

After that time, we let it cool down until we consider that it has a comfortable temperature for your bath. We can strain the water and dump the remains.

  • If we take a shower, we do it regularly, but before going out, we pour the prepared water from head to toe.
  • if we bañaWe are in a bathtub, we just have to add the prepared water and relax while we enjoy and release the tension.

Spiritual baths with orange juice “so that all the good things are activated”

Between the very powerful ritual baths We also use the magic of this fruit using its juice.

We can take several sweet oranges, not sour, approximately 10, depending on their size, and we squeeze them until they get all their juice.

This juice has many spiritual benefits, you join it to the common water of your bath and you can añasay honey and cinnamon, but if you don't want añadir more items is fine too.

The important thing is that first you shower like every day so that the dirt is removed from your body and then you use that juice to shower.

Something to keep in mind: DO NOT wait too long after squeezing the oranges and do the bath as quickly as possible to take full advantage of the energy and the wonderful properties that these fruits have.

Do you want to try other powerful ritual baths?

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