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Obatalá baths with milk to ward off bad influences

Obatalá baths with milk

For today's work, in the name of our father Obatalá, we will use a very special and beneficial element, milk. Baths with this liquid apart from softening our skin, serve us as relaxation and spiritual cleansing.

Obatala He is the king and father of all heads and the Orishas, ​​owner of understanding and white, who governs our thoughts.

We ask him for health, abundance and that our plans have unfolding, that he clears our minds and gives us peace.

Milk represents abundance, it helps us relieve our sadness and worries and therefore brings us happiness.

This bath is to cut off bad influences and negativity in your life, it is an energetic and spiritual cleansing that will help you vibrate with positive energy.

Ingredients you need:

  • Milk
  • A container
  • Cascarilla
  • Fresh cologne or perfume
  • White scarf or keel to protect your head from energies
  • 1 candle

Remember that this bath must be prepared when you go to shower.

How to make the milk baths in the name of Obatalá?

  1. First you will take a bath like every day (with common water).
  2. You have 2 options:
  • The first, if you have enough milk, you will take the bath only with it.
  • If not, you will add a glass of milk to a liter of water.
  1. Then you add cascarilla and perfume.
  2. Once the bath is ready, he will light a candle next to that container and ask Baba Obatala to free him from all evil and give him the tranquility and peace that he needs in his life.
  3. The bath will be given from the shoulders down, without the water touching the head.
  4. You will then let it dry on your body (do not towel dry).
  5. This bath should be repeated once a week for 3 weeks.

Recommendations for spiritual baths with Obatala

Remember that it is not just pouring in the water, this work needs your spirituality. You must have faith and enjoy that water in the name of Obatalá, feel that while it runs through your skin, you carry all kinds of difficulties, and it gives you development.

I recommend doing this spiritual work before going to bed and sleeping with a white scarf on your head. If we take a bath and go outside we can collect dark and bad energy, remember that the works leave us sensitive and clean, therefore, we must avoid it.

I sincerely hope that it gives you positive results, no matter the adversities you face in your life, our father Obatalá is merciful and attends to us when we speak from the heart, have faith.

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