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Oshún Baths to attract bonanza and money

Oshún Baths for money

Oshún baths are ideal to organize our energies, to attract luck, prosperity and money, they are a powerful cleansing.

Every day we make requests to our Orishas in different ways, formerly they were made mainly for health, for the growth of crops, for the arrival of the rain, but today with the progress and changes of life, we resort to them with different requests.

Asking for prosperity is one of them, but above all remember something, the Orisha helps, but do not try to remain immobile, God says: "Help me, I will help you."

Oshun Owner of the river, of the gold, of the riches will be the one that will help us in this bath so that the bonanza and the bliss come to our lives.

Ingredients for the work:

  • 1 round bread and of the day (fresh)
  • 1 white plate
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 long yellow or white candle

How do you prepare the bath with Oshún?

  1. You will open the bread in half and place those open halves on top of the white plate.
  2. Gently and slowly you will place a splash of milk in each half and then the honey, close the bread and sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the already closed bread
  3. You open a small hole in the central and upper part of the bread and proceed to place the candle, always keeping in mind that it is straight.
  4. In front of Oshún if you have it crowned, you will put the plate in front of it and proceed to light the candle.
  5. You will talk with her and you will tell her what offerings (ingredients), what you will do with the bathroom and what you need her help for.

In case you do not have Oshún crowned, you can also invoke her because our beautiful Orisha attends to all who invoke her with heart and faith.

Use this sentence in the Work:

  1. You will have that work for a period of 5 days and you will light the candle every day for a while, preferably at the same time.
  2. On the fifth day, you let the candle burn out as far as the top of the bread, if it doesn't go out, you turn it off and remove it.

That candle should still be thrown away because it cannot be used for another ritual.

  1. You will have a container already prepared with water and a splash of milk, on top you will make bread crumbs and proceed to take a bath.

Recommendations for baths with Oshún:

  • If you can put Oshún some soft violin music, I advise you.
  • Always remember to give yourself that bath after bañaDrink common water and from the shoulders down, always giving thanks to Oshun for offering you results with that request.
  • Always visualize your wish fulfilled, because Iyalorde will fulfill it for you.

Health and Prosperity always be with you, blessings.

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