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Spiritual baths to open paths with Obatalá, Oshún and Olokun

Santeria baths to open paths

Spiritual cleanliness is very important for personal balance. We need to be happy and have peace of mind with ourselves and with what surrounds us. And the so-called spiritual baths, carriers and energy balancers.

To open the paths, achieve abundance and cleanse our aura, the spiritual baths, always trusting in the Guardian Angel and the Orishas that protect us.

The baths that we carry out with faith, and with the appropriate elements depending on the situation we face or the results we want to achieve, bring peace and serenity to the spirit. In addition, they comfort the soul, body and heart.

Spiritual baths and necessary items

There are many types of spiritual baths that are carried out depending on the situation we face, and elements such as flowers, herbs, essences, cascarilla, honey, and other mainly natural products that are carriers of powerful energies.

Baths for love, health, prosperity, to ward off enemies, or dark energies, today we propose some examples:

Bath for health and abundance with Obatala

After taking a bath with ordinary water as every day, you will put the amount of a glass of milk in a liter of water, add cascarilla and perfume.

When you have the water ready, you will light a candle before taking a bath and ask our father Obatala that gives you health, opens the way, gives you tranquility and abundance.

Remember to take the bath from the shoulders down, and not to towel yourself dry, wait for that water to dry on your body, because there is the Ashe and the energy of the Orisha. Repeat once a week for 3 weeks.

It is recommended to do it before sleeping, wear a white scarf on your head, to provide protection.

Bath for love and sweetness with Oshún

The works to our mother Oshún They are very powerful, for the bathroom we will take 5 sunflowers, your perfume for personal use, cascarilla and honey, with these elements prepare the water and do not forget while you are bathing to ask the Orisha of love and sweetness for everything you want in your life.

Light a candle during bathing, and let it burn out completely.

Bath for health with Olokun

Water from Orisha Olokun, owner of oceans and bearer of all the secrets of its depths is not only miraculous, but also offers health, development and prosperity to our lives.

In it the Ashé (energy) of one of the most powerful deities of the Yoruba pantheon is present. The water in Olokun's jar contains great mysteries, its powers are indecipherable, that water saves us.

To carry out this work you must have received Olokun, extract the water that is in the jar and use it, it is very healing.

You can use it in bathrooms, and for cleaning at home it is also very effective, as it keeps bad vibes away and increases health.

In the cult of Santeria between the baths to open the roads, spiritual baths with flowers that represent each Orisha are also common, such as the Oshún sunflowers or the red roses of Shango, since they connect us with the most spiritual side of our life. to be.

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