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Shango baths to open paths and attract abundance

Bath with Shango

This bath will be given to you on behalf of Shango, the one that with its drum and joy attracts love and good vibes and with this corporal cleansing we will attract positivities to our life, opening paths and eliminating the negative.

Using plants like cordoban and fruits like the red apple that belongs to Shango you will overcome obstacles.

In case of not being consecrated, it does not matter, because Shango listens and provides help to all, for the victory of their battles. You can do this work without having a holy deed.

Now, I always advise doing each bath with faith and confidence so that it provides the desired results, the heart, the will and the faith are paramount.

Cleaning and spiritual baths with Shango


  • Half a liter of water
  • Cordovan leaves
  • 1 red apple
  • Red wine
  • Cinnamon
  • Personal perfume (not for shared use)
  • White and red flowers
  • 2 red candles preferably, but white

How do I prepare the ritual bath?

  1. The leaves of the cordovan plant should be washed before using them.
  2. Boil the cordovan leaves and the apple in half a liter of water. When it starts to boil, leave them for 5 minutes. Turn off and cool.
  3. Then strain that water and squeeze the apple with your hand to remove all the liquid.
  4. Put the prepared water in a container and add a splash of red wine, cinnamon, your personal perfume and add the flower petals.
  5. Put your bath in front of Shango and light your candle. And it will say:

Shango here is your daughter / or (your name) asking for the blessing
Giving you the knowledge that I will take this bath with (mention ingredients)
So that with his grace he grants me (request)
I am grateful.

  1. He will leave the prepared water in front of him and wait a few minutes.

If you do not have Shango received, choose a clean and organized place to place the water and the candle.

  1. Leave your candle lit and after the usual bath take a shower with the prepared water, which will be poured from the neck down. As long as you baña ask the orisha for what you want and feel how the water cleanses, purifies and heals you, both physically and spiritually.
  2. Do not dry off with the towel, that water must dry on your body so that the essence and energy of the water can penetrate your being.
  3. When you get out of the bathroom, blow out your candle.
  4. This work will be carried out for 4 consecutive days, during which he must light the candles for a while and then extinguish them.

This bath can be given at any time, although I always recommend that it be at night so that after taking the shower you go to bed and sleep with that energy. If possible, wear white clothing.

I sincerely hope that these powerful baths with the protection of Shango help you achieve what you want.

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