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Baths in the name of Yemayá to attract positive energies and Ashé

Yemayá Baths

Spiritual baths have been used since time immemorial, with plants, herbs, flowers and a host of other elements.

With the blessing of Yemaya, the Mother of the Universe, mistress of the sea, its beauties and its treasures, we will do this ritual, it is she who will help us to take a leap forward and make the obstacles disappear.

We will do this powerful bath with the sacred purple and green basil plants, both belong to the same family, but their coloration is different.

These plants ward off bad energies, provide evolution and attract abundance, break witchcraft, distribute blessings in homes where they habitan, and, in addition, the basil plant belongs to the Orisha Yemayá, through it she gives us her Ashé and everything beautiful and good in this world.

Yemayá baths that heal

Two phrases that reaffirm the power of these baths: «Where there is basil, evil does not come», the elders usually say and «There is no evil that Yemayá does not cure., because everything we propose with faith and love and the help of the maternal and protective Orisha we will achieve.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 bucket (container)
  • Serene water
  • Purple basil
  • Green Basil
  • White Essence Perfume
  • molasses of caña
  • 2 blue candles preferably, if not white (if you have not received Yemayá, use a candle)

If you do not know how to prepare serene water, I recommend you read this article: Click here

How to prepare the bath in the name of the Orisha of the Seas?

These baths with the blessing of Yemayá to have a good effect you should do it for 3 days in a row, it is a very refreshing, effective and powerful bath.

  1. You take the bunches of purple and green basil and pour them into the bucket of serene water.
  2. You defoliate the stems in the water, then remove the stems and throw them in the trash.
  3. You only have the leaves, you rub them inside that water and when the water takes another color you can stop scrubbing.
  4. You add a splash of personal white perfume and a dollop of honey.
  5. You place it in front of Yemayá and light its 2 candles, ask for its blessing, tell it what you are going to do and give thanks. Let it rest for a few minutes and you can take a bath, remember to do it with a lot of faith and love.

If you have not received Yemayá, use a candle and place the container in a clean, organized and pleasant place on his behalf. You can invoke it with this prayer: CLICK HERE

Recommendations for the spiritual baths of Yemayá:

  • If you want you can strain the water and throw away the leaves or you can leave them and rub yourself with them during the bath.
  • If you decided not to strain the water, don't forget to collect the plant debris from the bathtub when you finish showering.
  • The bath you must give it with the lit candles, when you get out of the shower you turn them off and turn them on the next day in the next bath.
  • The spiritual baths are given after your usual bath and always from the shoulders down, scrubbing yourself so that the energy and essence of the spiritual water is impregnated.
  • When finished, let the water dry on your body and put on white clothes to bring peace and tranquility into your life.
  • You can prepare the water the first day and divide it into 3 to use it in the 3 bathrooms.

May the blessing of Iyá Yemayá accompany you and give you what you heartily desire.  

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