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3 Sweet baths in the name of Oshún with white flowers for luck

Sweet baths with Oshún

We always turn to sweet herbal baths to attract our luck, love across the board, and well-being into our lives.

But when these beneficial baths are given to us in the name of the beautiful Orisha Oshun become more effective and magical, this beautiful deity is the Goddess of the sensual and with her innate coquetry attracts what she proposes.

Oshún is the pampered Goddess of the Yoruba Pantheon, in nature she is found in the waters of the rivers. She is love, human feelings, femininity and the intensity of life.

Whenever she is asked with sweetness, and a lot of love, she responds quickly, but do not hurt or offend her because she will become very severe and implacable.

Everything you do with faith and confidence, the result will be optimal.

Oshún baths for luck

These baths are recommended on a Saturday, which is the day of the week in Oshún, but if you cannot then another day and always at night so that you can renew your energy and flow positively with much prosperity.


  • Container
  • 1 liter of water
  • Rose petals or white flowers
  • Mint leaves
  • 2 yellow or white candles
  • Lavender water
  • Holy Water (rain water or serene water)
  • Honey bee

To learn more about the preparation and the power of Serene Water CLICK HERE

How to prepare the Oshún sweet baths?

  1. Take the container and put 1 liter of common water in it, inside add the petals of the white flowers and the mint leaves.
  2. Light the 2 yellow candles to Oshún in front of his tureen, always remember that the candles are on the floor to give you strength. In the event that you do not have Oshún received, it does not matter, you light the candles and invoke her, as a mother she will always listen to you.
  3. You ask Oshún's blessing and you give him knowledge of what you will do with that water that you prepared for the bath and what you need to achieve. You can invoke it with the following prayer:
  1. Then, you scrub the mint leaves and flowers until the water takes on another color, in this way the essence of the plants remains in the water. You can strain the water or not, as you wish.
  2. You pour in a stream of lavender water, añaof a stream of holy water and a little honey.
  3. While you are taking a shower these candles should be lit, when you go out you turn them off until the next day.
  4. These baths will be for 3 days in a row, always recommended at the same time.
  5. For greater effectiveness, the water should be left on the body, that is, it should not dry out and then wear white or non-dark clothes to sleep.

Remember that while taking the baths you must do it with great faith, during the shower talk with Oshún, make your requests and above all thank the blessings you already have. Do not forget to clean the shower after the bath, you must leave everything clean.

I hope that these sweet baths and with the blessing of mother Oshún achieve prosperity, love and above all a lot of health. Blessings.

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