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Oshún sweet baths with honey and beer to strip away evils

Oshún sweet baths

These sweet baths in the name of our beautiful queen Oshun they are to attract prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, joy and also love.

The daily bath establishes a deep bond with our body, but we lead such a busy life that we do it quickly and we do not usually enjoy it.

But if you wish, you can enjoy your daily bath, feel how you release the negative using salts and obtain positive energies by adding honey and cinnamon, which help us open paths, give development and strength to attract abundance.

You will also use beer in this bath, Yes, beer! It may surprise you, but apart from improving your relationships in love, it relaxes you and attracts luck to your life.

In this spiritual work, an essential element is honey from bees.

The honey and sweetness of Oshún:

Oshún is the owner of this powerful natural element, which apart from being a food rich in protein and a very effective medicinal product, it is also possessed of great spiritual significance. And it is that honey not only sweetens our way, but it is a remedy that acts against the sadness and afflictions of life.

In addition, it is a carrier of great energy, widely used in rituals of attraction of love and money.

Ingredients you need:

  • Cup
  • 1 Beer
  • 1 yellow, gold or white candle
  • 2 liters of river water, serene water or rainwater
  • 5 bay leaves
  • 5 cinnamon sticks or 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • Sea salt
  • Vinegar

Keep in mind before preparing this bath that sea salt is to remove negativities just like vinegar, therefore, only añaYou will say these elements to the water if you feel that your aura is very charged with negative energies, otherwise you can omit them.


If you do not have Oshún crowned, it does not matter, you can also do the ritual, we are all your favorite children. You can prepare the work in a quiet, warm and clean place on their behalf.

How to prepare sweet Oshún baths?

  1. You will take the glass and pour beer, put it in front of Oshún and light your candle.
  2. You will give him knowledge of the bath that you will take, what it contains and what you do it for.
  3. Bring the 2 liters of river water to boil, serene or rainy, when it starts to boil you will put it inside:
  • 5 Bay leaves
  • 5 sticks of cinnamon stick but 3 small teaspoons of ground cinnamon.
  1. Boil for a few minutes (5-10 minutes)
  2. When it boils turn off, let cool and strain the water.
  3. Pour the beer into the strained water, then the honey, salt and vinegar if you wish, as I explained before, only if you consider that you have very high negative energies.
  4. You will leave the candle burning until it burns out, always try to take that bath while the candle is lit.

To take into account for the bathroom:

  • The bath will be given preferably in the mornings.añain the.
  • When showering, he will do so from the shoulders down and only his hands wet with that prepared water will be passed on his face.
  • It will not towel dry and will let that water dry on your body.
  • These baths are recommended to be performed once a week or monthly.

Remember that everything you do must be done in faith, thanking Oshún in advance and asking for his help and intervention.

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