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Spiritual baths with Oshún flowers

Oshun Flower Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are a way to connect spiritually with our Saints. They are healing tools that reconnect us with what is truly essential. If we do it with a lot of faith and love, the results are wonderful, bringing a lot of prosperity and positive energy into our lives.

Bath with sunflowers to attract luck:

Oshun Sunflower Spiritual Baths

Products you need for the bathroom:

  • Sunflowers or yellow roses (preferably 5 flowers of the type you choose for the bath)
  • A bit of milk.
  • Cloves.
  • Honey bee.
  • 1 yellow or white candle.

To give that shine that may be missing in your life, a bath of sunflower petals or yellow roses will set you great.

They will always be odd numbers, if they are 5 flowers much better because this is the number of our Orisha Oshún.


When you have the container with water in front of you, as you pour out the petals, you will do so gently, as if you were caressing them. añawill say to that water milk, cloves and honey.

In the name of Oshún and as he takes his bath, he will lovingly scrub everything over his body, giving thanks and asking him for blessings to come to his life and thus make his request (make your request during the bath).

This bath will be given 5 consecutive days and if you have a yellow candle and sandalwood incense much better, but a white candle.

Remember that everything that is done with love and faith reaches its destination, place your order
imagining each thing he asks for as accomplished and mother Oshún will send it into his life.

Pumpkin Flower Bath for Prosperity:

Pumpkin Flower Spiritual Baths

The flower of pumpkin helps us prosperity to come. To make your life unfold better, baths with these flowers bring bonanza to our lives.

You can also pulverize it and throw it on the door of your house to ward off envy and bad spirits.

The pumpkin guide: "the one who guides making her way."

If you sleep with a pumpkin guide (tip of each branch of the pumpkin) says our beautiful Oshún that will guide our dreams.

Remember that in our religion it means prosperity, but many religious we have it forbidden: it is not eaten, it is not bought, it is not sold, it is not accepted as a gift nor should it be cut. 

It is necessary to remember these prohibitions when doing any spiritual work, since far from helping us to prosper it can attract negative energies.

If you want to do some Work at the foot of Oshún for abundance, I recommend this powerful Offering to open roads with Seven Wishes to Oshún Read more...

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