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Spiritual baths with flowers in the name of the protective spirits

Spiritual baths with white flowers

These spiritual works They have the gift to nullify difficulties, attract happiness and improve relationships with our environment. With these baths you will attract health, development and prosperity to your life.

If you have a positive thought and faith you will achieve it, because they are baths that heal, purify and protect.

You will work on this work with your guiding and protective spirits, those who take care of you, protect you and when you have a problem, they help you.

Bathrooms with white flowers and cascarilla

For this completely spiritual work you will need white flowers of whatever type, the color white is always linked to purity, peace, and what better than bathrooms to find it and remove from our life what bothers us and find that inner peace so necessary to feel well-being.

La cascarilla It is also a sacred element, which has the gift of cleansing and purifying, it is a powerful amulet and a repellent of bad spirits and negative energies. What is the cascarilla? Click here

To achieve the results of these baths you should know that when you do them you will do them religiously without failing one day, when you start they must all be consecutive.


  • 1 Container
  • 7 white flowers
  • Colonia
  • Cascarilla
  • Grated cocoa butter
  • Holy Water
  • White candle

Holy water can be water from your vault if you have it, rainwater, serene, or blessed in a church.

If you want to know how to prepare serene water, it is very easy, I recommend reading the following article.

How to prepare the spiritual bath?

  1. There will be 7 bathrooms, to be able to zoom out and obtain the desired result, there are 7 flowers in total, each day you will use a flower.
  2. You take your container and in it you will pour common water, you take a flower and you will strip it of its petals one by one, while mentally or verbally you will ask for what you heartily desire.
  3. Then you will put the cologne on it, cascarilla, grated cocoa butter, and stir the water with your hand clockwise, finally you will pour a splash of holy water.
  4. You will light your candle, and ask for the blessing of your protective spirits.
  5. If you have a spiritual vault you will do it in it and that container will go to the front of the vault, that is, on the ground, not on top. If you do not have a vault, place the container in a clean, organized and clear place.
  6. He will give knowledge of his 7 baths to his guide spirits, and he will let that water rest for half an hour, and then he will take his bath.
  7. When you get out of the bathroom, blow out your candle, and so on every day. On the last day let the candle burn out completely.
  8. These baths will be given at night, you should give it from the shoulders down, let that powerful water dry on your body and preferably wear white to go to sleep, in this way you protect yourself.
  9. Remember to clean the shower after taking a bath.

I recommend not going outside after the play, as this spiritual water cleanses you and may be vulnerable to picking up dark energies.

I heartily wish that with these spiritual baths with white flowers y cascarilla clear your way so that many good and beautiful things come to your life, and above all a lot of health.

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