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Obbatalá baths to keep your head and body cool

Obbatalá spiritual baths

We will do these powerful Spiritual Baths of Obbatalá to attract all that is good, especially health, and to have light and clarity on our path.

Obbatalá is a header Osha in the Yoruba religion, owner of everything white and pure, of our thoughts and our head.

It is the Osha that governs this year 2022, so more than ever it is important to abide by all its mandates, being organized and disciplined to be healthy and blessed by Baba.


  • 1 Egg
  • Water container fresh
  • 4 flowers or leaves of the cotton plant
  • water from a coconut
  • pinch of camphor
  • 1 glass of raw goat or cow milk
  • Cacao Butter 
  • White sugar
  • 2 candles
  • Cascarilla (if you wish make it homemade know the steps "click here")

How to prepare the ritual? Obbatalá spiritual baths

  1. First you make a meringue with that egg and pour it into a container with water.
  2. You add 4 flowers or leaves of the cotton plant, coconut water, a pinch of camphor and a glass of milk.
  3. You will also add 4 small teaspoons of white sugar and a little bit of cocoa butter, just like cascarilla.

Do it with great humility, the faith with which we do the works is very important, without faith nothing is fulfilled, and so, with love, you light two candles to Obbatalá

If you have received it, you put the container in front of him, ask him for your blessing, his permission and give him knowledge of what you will do at his feet.

If you have not received it, you put the work in a high place (for example, on top of a piece of furniture) and invoke its power with all the love you have for it.

  1. You will have this container for a while with the candles lit and before they go out you must take a bath from the head.
  2. Go asking while you do the ritual: clarity in your thoughts, good health and that Obbatalá keep your ori and your body aligned.

Tips for doing the ritual:

I recommend wearing white after the spiritual bath and preferably before going to bed so as not to pick up any negative energy from the outside.

This bath is repeated every week for 4 weeks so that we obtain good results from this ritual.

Pick up any items left in the shower and throw them in the trash.

Always remember to ask for the blessing of the orisha father and beg him above all for good health and peace, evil is never asked for, only that he protect us and shelter us with his holy blessing.

Much ashe to you and may these Spiritual Baths of Obbatalá bring you all the good things you desire in your life.

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