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Simple spiritual baths to open the paths

Spiritual baths to open the paths

To open the paths you can perform as many spiritual baths as you wish, as long as you do it with love, trusting all the beings of light that accompany you.añano, in your Guardian angel and the Orishas that protect you.

Taking spiritual baths comforts the soul, body and spirit, each bath that you do with faith will be positive for you.

To activate that touch of luck that we need and eliminate the negativity that surrounds us and let the positive flow, I leave you some effective remedies.

Bath for things to flow:

When luck has abandoned us, this Babalú Ayé plant has the gift of unraveling unfavorable situations.

The natural scourer (also called charcoal, poor man's sponge, dish scrub) is used as if it were a bath sponge, use half a washing soap, that is, non-odorous soap, after the bath is dried with a cloth or white towel.

You can take baths until the soap is gone, then take the scourer, the soap, and the white cloth with which it has dried, wrap it and throw it in the bush. All this can only be used by one person.

Bath to ward off bad energies:

Spiritual baths with only laundry soap (non-odorous soap) is also good to remove bad energies and open up new opportunities.

Bath for health:

The water of Olokun For baths and cleaning in the house it is also very effective, it takes away the bad and attracts the good, giving you a lot of health and firmness.

Extract the water that your Olokun has in the jar and use it, it is very healing.

Purifying bath against envy:

For healing You can take baths in serene water (water that rests during the night in the open), with white flower petals, these refresh the aura and añaAgua de Florida (or cologne) to attract good spirits, invoking Santa Clara clarifying.

If it is to attract something what you want, añaof the honey water.

If it is to cut envy substitute white sugar for honey. 

You will see how your environment begins to clear and you feel more calm.

Bath to attract good luck:

BañaBathing for 8 days in a row with green coconut water or coconut soap is a very healing and spiritual bath that attracts good energies, to see the complete work: Coconut water bath for luck Read more...

You can also make yourself baths with flowers, which are very energetic and connect us with our most spiritual side, invoking the powerful Oshún you can attract and materialize what you want in your life: Spiritual baths with Oshún flowers Read more…

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