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How to make an Ebbó Misi in the name of Oshún? Evolution Baths

Oshún Baths

Sure many times you experience that everything closes around you, that nothing flows as it should, that you get stuck in the love plane, in the family or at work.

This cleaning invoking the Goddess of love Oshún, will help your good vibes begin to flow, to open paths and thus you can move forward.

Oshún in the Yoruba Pantheon She is a generous mother, so ask her with great faith that she will renew you and light your way.


  • Basin or deep bowl
  • Mint leaves
  • Mint leaves
  • Leaves, buds and flowers of the Buttercup flower
  • 2 candles
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon

How to prepare these powerful cleansing baths with Oshún?

  1. To start you pour water into the basin or container, then add the mint and mint leaves, and the leaves, buds and flowers of the Buttercup plant.
  2. You light the 2 candles to Oshún, you ask for his blessing and you give him knowledge of the bath that you will give yourself in his name, mentioning the ingredients you used.
  3. You put the container in front of Oshún's tureen if you are crowned, but you also do it by invoking its energy.
  4. Then you start to squeeze the herbs as if you were washing clothes and while you do it you go begging Mother Oshún:

May it open the way for you, may it give you health, development, and depending on your situation, may it grant you that love, that job offer, family tranquility, stability and abundance. And in general, that it balances your life and gives you that evolution you need to fulfill your dreams and goals.

  1. After finishing and squeezing all those powerful plants and leaving their essence in the water, you are going to pour honey on top and a pinch of cinnamon.

These two elements are very important, cinnamon is very good at attracting the positive, and honey will sweeten the way.

How many days will this ritual last? Advice

In the name of Oshún you will take 5 baths for 5 consecutive days, always with the candles lit while the ritual lasts.

  • The bath will be taken from the shoulders down, ending at the feet.
  • We avoid wetting our heads because there are some plants that can harm us energetically.
  • If you want before bañaIf you don't, you can strain the elements and keep only the water, or with the herbs you rub your whole body at bath time.
  • Remember to let that water dry on your body and I recommend doing it before going to sleep or in the morning.añana before leaving for the street.
  • After bathing, I recommend wearing preferably white or light-colored clothing. 

Put a lot of faith in these rituals, we always get many beautiful things from what we work with the heart. May Oshún's blessing be with you.

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