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What baths can I do to attract love with my Guardian Angel?

Baths to attract love

It's true that sometimes we don't find love in our life And other times we do find it, but that person does not decide for some reason or other, and those reasons are not always bad, it can be shyness, fear of a relationship, it could be insecurity in general.

Also in some cases we already have that love by our side, but over time that energy weakens for a thousand reasons, which does not necessarily mean that there is another love, but that everyday life wears out those feelings.

For this we will do this beautiful ritual, so that love arrives, so that love becomes stronger, so that those feelings that destiny has in store for us, come true.

It is not about moorings or forcing someone to be with us, but about making love flow, grow, bloom beautifully for our happiness. No quirks.

Work to attract love or your partner, in the name of the Angel of your Guardian

We will do this ritual in the name of this being that shelters and protects us from the day we were born, our Guardian angelWe entrust ourselves to him to ask for protection, help and to intercede for us at our special request.

Remember, this bath is to attract and strengthen those loves, but something fundamental is to have faith, that which we must have so that everything we do results, because your strength resides in faith.

To this powerful bath of roses, honey and perfume (or scented water known as Agua de Florida) for love, añawe will say carnations and parsley, two elements that have a great energy charge that will favor the ritual.


For these path-opening baths for love and true love attraction we will need:

  • Bowl or basin
  • 1 White Rose
  • Florida water
  • Honey
  • Parsley
  • 5 carnations

How to prepare this bath with white rose petals and other elements?

  1. First you fill the container with water and add the parsley, the petals of the 5 carnations, a splash of honey, white rose petals and a splash of Agua de Florida.
  2. You light a candle and ask your Guardian Angel for the blessing.
  3. You mix and rub all the elements that you put in the container so that they release their essence and let it settle for a while.
  4. With the candle lit you must take a bath, always visualizing your requests with great faith.

Some recommendations for the ritual:

  • I recommend taking 5 baths in a row to attract love in a powerful way or for 5 Wednesdays in a row.
  • Wear light-colored or white clothing after each bath.
  • You will give the bath from the shoulders down and letting that water dry on your body.
  • Then you should clean the shower and throw the items in the trash.
  • Do not forget to make your order concisely and clearly, without asking the impossible.

May the blessing of your Guardian Angel be with you always! Thousands of blessings and may that love that you desire bring you much happiness.

Other powerful rituals on behalf of the Orishas for love and pathways:

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