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3 Ritual baths for our spiritual development and economic evolution

Baths for spiritual development

The spirit world is wide, powerful and sacred, and it always surrounds us with its powerful and ancient energies.

This work will be doneoyáBeing in the spirits that guide and protect you, those beings that always direct your steps wherever you go with their light.  

If you have faith and trust in what is administered to you, you can do this work to keep your spiritual level on the defensive and thus be able to evolve spiritually and economically.

What we must take into account before performing the ritual:

For these baths for spiritual development to be effective you will have to give it 3 times in a row, that is, three consecutive days without skipping any.

Keep in mind that after each bath and before going to bed you should dress in white or as light as possible, so that the energy flows.

You prepare this ritual bath at the foot of your vault or spiritual assistance that you have. If not, you can place a glass of water as a representation of the assistance to the spirits.

  • Below I leave you an article in case you want to know what the vault is and how to assemble it.

Ingredients we need:

Chicken foot plant and freshness grass
  • 1 candle
  • Cornmeal
  • Crushed birdseed
  • 5 fresh and beautiful yellow roses
  • Chicken foot plant (Eleusine indica L. Gaerth.)
  • Freshness Plant (Pilea micropylla Liem)
  • 1 glass of sweet wine
  • Perfume for personal use
  • 1 bucket or container with serene water (if you want to know how to prepare the serene water «Click here to read»)

How will we prepare this ritual bath on behalf of our spirit guides?

  1. The first thing you will do is light the candle in your vault or spiritual assistance if you have, if you do not look for a transparent white glass without drawings and fill it with water.
  2. You invoke your spirits and give knowledge to your guides and protectors of the bath that you prepare in their name.

I advise you to have all the ingredients already prepared so that you can prepare the bath in front of your vault or assistance.

In the bucket of serene water you pour:

  • 5 teaspoons of cornmeal,
  • 1 teaspoon of crushed birdseed,
  • the petals of 5 yellow roses,
  • a portion of the chicken foot plant that is very good for opening paths,
  • a portion of the freshness plant that is very good for offal and attract luck
  • a glass of sweet wine to make your life sweet, and
  • you will also add a few drops of your perfume.

With the water prepared we will take the spiritual bath:

You put the bucket, basin or container in front of the vault and you go with both hands to unite all the ingredients and the herbs you scrub them well, and while you are asking for the blessing of the spirits, that they help and guide you.

  • You leave the water prepared for a while at rest so that the elements release their essence and power and after a while you take a shower.
  • That candle you lit should keep burning until you finish your shower. Then you clean the shower and remove the remaining items.

Always remember that the bath must be from the shoulders down to protect the head and you must let your body dry only so that the essence of the elements remains on you.

I hope that with these baths for spiritual development the blessing of their guides and protectors and your spiritual picture will always accompany them, remember to put a lot of faith in it, it is faith that achieves the impossible in this life.

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