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3 Spiritual Baths for the end of the year How to renew energy?

Bathrooms to start the new year

There are only a few days left to end the yearMany of us are anxious about this closure to leave many nightmares behind, but we must begin by letting go of the negativities and attracting the positive with lots of health, peace and love, especially thanking for all the wisdom that has been given to us.

And as the year will end, we should think about taking spiritual baths to cleanse all the harmful energies that can hinder us and thus give way to renewed energies.

In these baths you must invoke your Guardian angel, to your protective spirits, to your commissions, and to whoever you wish, in general, to the Universe, but with a lot of faith and love, thanking you for the good and the bad, because you must have received something positive and this year has undoubtedly given us given great teachings.

These are the 3 bathrooms that I recommend to end this stage of the year positively, but before:

Spiritual tips when doing the rituals:

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha We perform the rituals with the blessing of the Orishas and Eggun, keep in mind these religious recommendations in these bathrooms for the end of the year:

  • The water in these baths should be poured from the shoulders down to protect the head from any disturbance, unless you are religious and know the elements that do you good or bad.
  • Dry yourself with white or light-colored towels, as well as dress later in light-colored clothing.
  • Do the rituals in the mañawake up early or before bedtime.
  • Do not boil the herbs or flowers, but rub them with your hands in the water, in the case of the peels you should boil them to get their essence.
  • You can strain the ingredients and leave only the liquid for the bath, but if you do it with time it is better to gently massage the elements on the body.
  • Always light a candle while you take that bath dedicated to whoever you invoke.

Baños to start the new year 2023 with good energy

I leave you here 3 simple spiritual baths for the end of the year that will surely do you a lot of good and you will feel that the energies are refreshed and renewed with them.

Bathrooms for the end of the year

1. Basil and flower bath “So that the bad goes away from your side”

This bath will clarify your ideas and leave what harms you aside, since the basil (any kind of it) cleanses all the negative aura that surrounds you.

  • In the water, next to the basil, añades lilies, white flowers and cascarilla.

Why are these elements special? What are the benefits of basil baths?

  • Basil It has been used for many decades, it serves to attract luck, strip, ward off negativities, sanctify spaces, it is a magical plant.
  • lilies and white flowers They transmit to us the clean, pure and fresh of life.
  • La cascarilla It is a ritual element that repels negativity and dark spirits, provides protection and drives away evil, envy and enemies.

Know more la cascarilla and how to prepare it at home in a simple way "see the steps here"

2. Rose petal and honey bath “To sweeten destiny and attract beauty”

Two roses, one white and one red, remove the leaves and add only 2 small teaspoons of honey, because honey is a very strong element that sweetens a lot and the appropriate dose must always be used according to the ritual. you should also añadir cascarilla.

This bath sweetens you and changes your vibes attracting all the good.

What power do these ingredients contain?

  • White roses they symbolize purity, charm, the sincere and attract good luck, bonanza, health, intuition and togetherness.
  • Red roses They symbolize love, courage, vigor, the daring and attract power, the will to live, the sensual.

This union of roses is a real explosion and mixed with honey and cascarilla you will feel great. You will see!

3. Bath with orange and lemon peel «To eliminate the negative vibe and bring luck»

In this ritual we will need orange and lemon peel boiled for about 7 minutes, then you must add a little perfume or cologne, one that is only used by you and you will also put a little honey.

Together these elements provide energy and eliminate all negative vibes.:

  • The Orange attracts energies in luck, in money, in love, activates the power of your spiritual instincts and also its shell is used in incense and in oils with great energetic power.
  • The lemon provides energetic protection, eliminates negative energies and gives stability, well-being and balance.

I hope you enjoy these baths and remember that everything has a reason, that's why we use some elements specific as ingredients.

These energy baths for the end of the year can be done on December 30 or 31Although you can also do them whenever you want, the important thing is that you do it with a lot of faith.

Powerful cleaning in our home or business. How to do them?

If you prepare enough water in some of these rituals, You can also use it to clean your house.

First you must clean well as usual and then you pour this prepared water, leave it on the floor for a few hours and you will notice the change. Then you can finish cleaning.

Blessings for you, and although my wishes for this new year are many, the main one is that health returns to each one of our homes, that illness goes away and everything good, beautiful and wonderful, comes and stays with us. Ashe.

Other powerful ritual baths that I recommend:

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